Kill the Corrupted High Priestess

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Kill the Corrupted High Priestess

Interactive map

Interactive map

Kill the Corrupted High Priestess is a level 78 group event that occurs in Cathedral of Eternal Radiance.


  • Corrupted High Priestess of Lyssa
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 16,758 Experience.png 369 Karma 86 Copper coin
Silver 14,245 Experience.png 314 Karma 73 Copper coin
Bronze 12,569 Experience.png 277 Karma 65 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 78 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Event starts
Risen Priestess of Lyssa: You dare defile my master's sacred temple?
Arriving at the Altar of Lies
Magister Maresta: There it is! By all that's holy, kill that abomination.
Corrupted Gaze
Magister Maresta: Don't look at her! Turn away!
Three seals disabled
Magister Maresta: We must strike at the corrupted high priestess while the seals are disabled. Go now!
If a seal is lost
Magister Maresta: What? No! Zhaitan's minions have reclaimed one of the seals! We must retreat!
75% health
Risen Priestess of Lyssa: There is only death and undeath for you here.
50% health
Risen Priestess of Lyssa: Zhaitan will devour you, just as he devoured our gods.
25% health
Risen Priestess of Lyssa: My goddess was mere prey for the dragon. Despair!
Event completed
Magister Maresta: It's dead. See to the device.
Lightbringer Brutefur: Right away, boss.
Crusader Gadding: What it said back you think it's true? Is Lyssa truly dead?
Magister Maresta: No, it lied. Don't fall for its tricks. Lyssa's not dead, she's just... not here.
Lightbringer Brutefur: It's done. As long as this device is active, all of the corrupted statues will be disabled.
Crusader Gadding: Look! The storm is clearing.
Magister Maresta: Yes, we can rest for a while. But stay vigilant. I fear another storm is coming.


  • Throughout the fight she will become invulnerable, give everyone the Corrupted Gaze debuff, and spawn waves of minions (normal, veteran, and champion). While the Corrupted Gaze debuff lasts, anyone facing the priestess will be dazed for 1 second every second. When it expires, the priestess will become vulnerable again.
  • The events to defend the three seals can begin during the fight. If any of them fail, the meta event will revert to "Capture and deactivate the three seals of Lyssa to disable the shield around the altar," everyone will be kicked out of the altar, and the priestess will reset. This can be avoided either by taking the seals and killing the priestess fast enough for the defend events to not trigger, or watching the minimap for the defense event icons and sending a couple people to the respective seal.
The event with Risen Priestess of Lyssa does not start frequently due to conflicts with the event Kill the Risen before they reactivate the Statue of Lyssa.

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