Iron Legion armor

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Iron Legion armor

Iron Legion armor is heavy armor mostly available through crafting by Armorsmith tango icon 20px.png armorsmiths, after acquiring the appropriate recipes, apart from the shoulders which only drop from the mystic forge.


The crafting of five of the armor pieces is possible using the appropriate recipe from Gon Rageshot, located in the Burrows of Moledavia of Diessa Plateau. Note, that the shoulders cannot be crafted and are produced as a random product from the Mystic Forge.

Armor Recipe Game link
Militia Helm.pngIron Legion's Helm Recipe sheet masterwork helm.pngRecipe: Iron Legion Helm
Militia Pauldrons.pngIron Legion's Pauldrons
Militia Breastplate.pngIron Legion's Breastplate Recipe sheet masterwork coat.pngRecipe: Iron Legion Coat
Militia Gauntlets.pngIron Legion's Gauntlets Recipe sheet masterwork gloves.pngRecipe: Iron Legion Gloves
Militia Leggings.pngIron Legion's Leggings Recipe sheet masterwork leggings.pngRecipe: Iron Legion Leggings
Militia Boots.pngIron Legion's Boots Recipe sheet masterwork boots.pngRecipe: Iron Legion Boots


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