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Disambig icon.png This article is about the recording devices. For the Dragon Bash minion-spawning object, see Hologram Projector.


A Holoprojector is a projector that can be used for communication and or as a recording device that produces an accompanying hologram of the speaker. For example, there are several in and near the Old Oola Lab, including one at the entrance that starts Oola's hero challenge.


Maguuma Jungle
Ring of Fire

Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

(Only the Draconis Mons Holoprojector)


In front of the locked door
Oola: Bah, is this recording...ah haha! There it goes.
Oola: Log number 5 4 1 1 dash alpha. I finally finished installing the matrix imprint lock on the lab's inner door.
Oola: Nothing in the Eternal Alchemy can break this lock. I just need to make sure I don't lose the key-crystal.
Oola: I'll install one on the outer door next week. I should probably do it now, but the sub-matrix circuitry gives me a headache.
Oola: Besides, what could possibly happen in the next week?
Behind the door to the left
Oola: Log 3 5 3 9 dash delta. Ohhh! What an amazing breakthrough I had today!
Oola: At long last, after years of trial-and-error. I successfully combined golemancy and necromancy.
Oola: I'll innovate a new line of golems, all infused with necromantic energies. This opens worlds of possibilities.
Oola: Now the only question is: where do I go now? My golems can tap into the power of life and death. With a sufficiently strong core, there's no limit to the potential.
Oola: I can think of only one source that would be the true height of control and power. But do I dare? What would be the repercussions?
Before the exit from the lab
Oola: Log number 5 4 1 5 dash omega. I don't have much time. This will probably be my last log entry.
Oola: I have no regrets. I made significant breakthroughs, but I fear I may have dabbled too deeply into the necrotic arts.
Oola: And it has cost me dearly. Some would consider it my final mistake, but I consider it my greatest triumph. I have tied my very essence to the core of my golem.
Oola: There's no telling where this journey will take me. I have achieved the greatest feat of any golemancer: I am one with my OOL-99L [sic]. When I die, my essence will carry on with it.