Veteran OOL-999l

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Veteran OOL-999l


Veteran OOL-999l (ghostly).jpg

The OOL-999l after being possessed by Oola's Ghost.

There's no telling where this journey will take me. I have achieved the greatest feat of any golemancer: I am one with my OOL-99L [sic]. When I die, my essence will carry on with it.

Oola, describing the nature of the OOL-999l in a holoprojector recording.

Veteran OOL-999l is Oola's most powerful golem found inside her lab. It is her final triumph: a golem which she has tied her very essence to.[1]


Maguuma Jungle

Event involvement[edit]

Event shield (tango icon).png Protect Orl's research krewe (9)

Combat abilities[edit]

Skills (physical form)
  • Punch - A two-hit melee combo, punching once with each fist.
  • Whirling Assault - Spins while moving forwards, damaging and Knockback.png knocking back nearby foes.
Skills (ghostly form, once possessed by Oola during Protect Orl's research krewe)
  • Life Drain - Stands in place and spins, draining life from nearby foes to heal itself.
  • Necrotic Grab - A ranged attack that launches one fist, Pull.png pulling anything hit and inflicting Chilled.png Chilled.
Stolen skills


  1. ^ Holoprojector#Dialogue
    Oola: And it has cost me dearly. Some would consider it my final mistake, but I consider it my greatest triumph. I have tied my very essence to the core of my golem.