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I want your opinion on an idea (and wiki "at risk" period on July 8th) - July 1st, 2015[edit]

Hi everyone,

Someone floated an idea past me and I'd like to know what wiki editors think about it. The current community of editors is doing an amazing job at updating content on the wiki but could use some help from players that are not regular editors, or who don't really want to do the jump to becoming editors.

We want to encourage more people to contribute to the wiki without having them having to necessarily be "part of" the wiki. So the idea would be to tell players that they can "dump" information that they see missing in articles on the talkpage on that article. Editors could then use this as material to update the article if it's relevant and/or accurate. We have no idea whether this is something that players would do but before we get there, the most important factor is to be sure that the community of wiki editors is ok with such a systerm.

Tell me what you think in that discussion on my talkpage.

Last but not least, we'll be doing some configuration changes on the wiki on Wednesday July 8th at 10AM Pacific Time. We're tweaking caching mechanisms to see whether we can improve the situation and avoid the downtime issues we had last week (the update notes overloaded the wiki servers). This should be a fairly transparent maintenance but it's possible that people will be seeing incorrect information during this process.

Thanks everyone for your hard work here :)