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Hafez's Music Box

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Hafez's Music Box.png

Hafez's Music Box

Item type
Account Bound
50 Silver coin
Game link

Hafez's Music Box is a music box gizmo.



The music box has two buttons.
(if the song is not playing)
Talk end option tango.png Press the first button. (gives Nightfall music.png)
(if the song is already playing)
Talk end option tango.png Press the first button again. (removes Nightfall music.png)
Talk end option tango.png Press the second button. (removes Nightfall music.png)


Youtube.png Search YouTube for videos related to Hafez's Music Box.
  • Each button plays a different tune. Press a button to turn the tune on, then press the same button to turn it off. The first button plays a music box song and a white note will appear regularly coming from the character. A blue disk icon will also appear in the effect monitor, though its tooltip is empty. The second button seems to change the ambient music.
  • The melody seems to be the same as the one that plays at the beginning of the Elon Riverlands theme, while the ambient music seems to be a slightly altered version of that theme.