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Festival experts? Is that really a job somebody has? Amazing.

A Zephyrite

The Current Activities Team, also referred to as C.A.T., is responsible for creating small scale discoverable events and activities in and between stories such as the Current Events. They also are responsible for Holiday events, Mount races and Legendary Weapons, as well as other small things which may not have any reward such as the Hungry cat scavenger hunt.

List of Projects[edit]


Current Events[edit]

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Specifically the Current Events where Awakened Forces invade several regions of Tyria through Portals was a main focus of this team.

Legendary Weapons[edit]

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Mount Races[edit]

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Cat Scavenger hunt[edit]

Primary article: Hungry cat scavenger hunt

Birthday Gifts[edit]

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List of Current Activities Team Staff[edit]

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