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Guard Scholar Keenwit as he translates druid markings

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Guard Scholar Keenwit as he translates druid markings

Interactive map

Interactive map

Guard Scholar Keenwit as he translates druid markings is an event to secure the Northwatch Descent outpost.


  • Scholar Keenwit
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Translate Marking #X
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Druid Markings Translated: X/4
  • Clear the Druid Marking of Mordrem


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.








Scholar Keenwit: I'm searching for the Font of Maguuma. Who's with me?
Arcanist Mariette: Whoa, hold it! You're going into the jungle alone? I didn't think so.
Scholar Keenwit: This is important, Mariette. I have to do this. I know how to find the Font of Maguuma!
Arcanist Mariette: And accomplish what? Your devotion to the druid myth is impressive, if impractical. We're surrounded by Mordrem.
Sage Zende: Allow me to accompany you. We can help each other.
Scholar Keenwit: I...uh...well, finally someone who understands! Come if you're coming. Time's wasting.
Arcanist Mariette: Fine. But you better make it back or you're fired.
Scholar Keenwit: I don't care what they say; this is worth it. No one's reported seeing the Font of Maguuma for, what, decades?
Scholar Keenwit: Mordrem wolves. A pack of trouble, if you ask me.
In-between translations
Scholar Keenwit: Hey! I can't translate with all this racket!
Scholar Keenwit: A little backup please! These druid markings won't translate themselves!
After finishing the first translations
Scholar Keenwit: This is old. Hundred of years old.
Sage Zende: The druids were gone long before the Exalted arrived. Only their legend remains.
Scholar Keenwit: It's Old Krytan, barely visible. It says, "Long ago, we shed our human forms and became spirit guardians of the jungle.
Scholar Keenwit: in times of crisis, and we will be there.
Sage Zende: No. I believe you mean "summon". Summon us. Summon us? They can be summoned?
Scholar Keenwit: The vine gates are gone. Betcha the watchpoint lighting up did that.
One of the following:
Scholar Keenwit: Spiders make my scruff itch.
Scholar Keenwit: If only they didn't drop down from above.
After finishing the second translations
Scholar Keenwit: I don't have the exact words but it says, "All that exists is all that has to be. By stations, scrub the water.
Scholar Keenwit: If equilibrium is lost, our elder restores the font only when it is restored.
Sage Zende: It seems safe to say that equilibrium has been lost.
Scholar Keenwit: What if the journal's wrong? No, this has to be the way.
One of the following:
Scholar Keenwit: Really? More tendrils? All right, then. C'mon!
Scholar Keenwit: Obnoxious weeds
After finishing the third translations
Scholar Keenwit: I believe it says, "The Maguuma is the heart of Tyria. It must be maintained.
Scholar Keenwit: I beseech you, future guardians of Maguuma. Heed these words.
Sage Zende: The markings are referring
Scholar Keenwit: Only in the vaguest possible way. But, by irons, I'll take their advice.
One of the following:
Scholar Keenwit: Hmm... Bet the mama thrasher is near.
Scholar Keenwit: Thrashers look edible when small, but they're deadly when fully grown.
After finishing the final translations
Scholar Keenwit: It says, "Face the source with...authentic heart and mind. Speak the words given and...merge with the waters.
Scholar Keenwit: Hey, I'm game! What about you?
Sage Zende: Your destination is just ahead. I will accompany you.
Scholar Keenwit: Careful there. Get too excited, and you might flake. Let's go.
Scholar Keenwit: Look. Pylons scattered everywhere.
Sage Zende: According to legend, these waters could heal.
Scholar Keenwit: Let's hope it's true. If so, this could turn the tide of this war.
Scholar Keenwit: Finally, the Font of Maguuma. (laughs) Wasn't sure I'd find it.
Scholar Keenwit: And look at that! There's the mama thrasher!