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Update 3 - January 29, 2013[edit]



  • Fixed a bug where projectiles passed through the ground in several locations

Fractals of the Mists[edit]

  • Fixed a bug that did not remove the Lava condition from players who died in the pools of lava at the final boss in the Volcano Fractal
  • Fixed a bug where players were stricken with Agony even when they avoided the Ice Elemental's AoE ice storm

Daily Achievements[edit]

  • Removed the Daily Combo Kill achievement from the daily achievement rotation


Made the following changes to the Champion Risen Priest of Grenth boss:

  • Increased cooldown on Grenth's Shadow Pull skill
  • Changed radius of spells
  • Modified attacks to do less damage
  • Modified attack area so as not to overlap on attacks
  • Modified Velocity of Teleport to allow player to not go into ceiling
  • Decreased the damage of Grenth's Shadow Pull skill
  • Decreased the numbers of spells



Guild Wars 2 Wiki notes[edit]

  • The blank world event wasn't actually hidden in this update.
  • The Daily Combo Killer achievement was actually removed in a previous update.

Update 2 - January 29, 2013[edit]

Fixed various server crashes.

Update - January 29, 2013[edit]


Personal Story[edit]

  • "The Steel Tide": Reduced the number of giants you need to defeat to progress.

Profession Skills[edit]


  • Magnetic Grasp.png
     Magnetic Grasp: This ability now immobilizes the target that it strikes. It is now a large Projectile finisher, and damage is now split between this ability and Magnetic Leap.
  • New skill –  
    Magnetic Leap.png
     Magnetic Leap (Earth Skill 3): Activate this ability to leap to an enemy that's been struck by Magnetic Grasp.


  • Spirit health increased by 25%.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki notes[edit]