Fawcett's Ghostly Crew

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Fawcett's Ghostly Crew are a band of undead pirates found only in the northern reaches of the Harathi Hinterlands. Nearly nothing is known about the pirates or their leader, the mysterious Captain Fawcett, or how they came to be entombed in the caverns of Fawcett's Bounty. It would seem that Fawcett chose to die surrounded by his ill-gotten gains, and he ensured the security of his treasure by taking his crew with him; they now serve as guardians of his treasure. It can be inferred that the good captain had a love of ingenious booby traps, as his lair is packed to the gills with them.

While the crew are bound to the caverns that house their ship, Captain Fawcett and his parrot Chunk enjoy some measure of freedom and have been found as far east as Kingsgate Camp.





  • Captain Fawcett is based on the character of One-Eye Willy from the movie The Goonies.