Escort Scholar Riagan to the ritual location

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Escort Scholar Riagan to the ritual location

Event maps
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Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort Scholar Riagan to the ritual location is a level 53 dynamic event that starts in Whisperwill Bogs, goes through Wraithwalker Woods and ends in Mistarion Beach.


  • Scholar Riagan
  • Event bar.jpg Event shield (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 4,513 Experience.png 257 Karma 60 Copper coin
Silver 3,836 Experience.png 219 Karma 51 Copper coin
Bronze 3,385 Experience.png 193 Karma 45 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 53 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.


This event will fail if Riagan is defeated before reaching the champion, and once the champion is reached, protecting Riagan is not necessary in order to start the following event. Enemy waves will appear at certain points during the escort, and players should try to intercept them before they get close to Riagan. Risen Abominations and Plague Carriers must be the priority targets and defeated at all costs before they reach Riagan, as he will not heal on his own, however, certain heals may be applied. Also, abominations within this event are immune to immobile and chilled, but not crippled.





Starting the event
Scholar Riagan: I tell you this ritual is mentioned in numerous texts as a powerful countermeasure. I believe it can drive the Orrians back.
Explorer Nyxx: You have obviously misinterpreted your research. Yours is a foolhardy plan with no chance of success.
Explorer Nyxx: If such a method of deterring the undead existed, we asura would have already discovered it. I refuse to believe it could be found in human knowledge.
Scholar Riagan: Your faith in your people is impressive. Still, I must try. The ritual must be performed near water and I believe the nearby beach is ideal.
On the way to the beach
Explorer Nyxx: How much farther to this beach site you've chosen? We've needlessly risked our lives by venturing through this forest.
Scholar Riagan: I think I can see the beach ahead of us. It shouldn't be much longer.
Scholar Riagan: Your self-preservation concerns aside, this is bigger than us. This ritual will spell the end of the Orrian threat to this coast.
Arriving at the beach
Scholar Riagan: Now to try out this ritual. Stand back and watch.
Scholar Riagan: I don't understand. Nothing seems to be happening.
Explorer Nyxx: What is that, out in the water?
Scholar Riagan: Where? I don't see—
Explorer Nyxx: By the Alchemy. You've summoned some sort of Orrian monstrosity. Flee!
Scholar Riagan: Wait. We must stop it here, before it attacks our camp.
Explorer Nyxx: You fool. We stand no chance against that horror. You may be eager to die, but I'm opting to escape.
Champion Orrian Terror: Who has brought me here from the depths? Who have I been summoned to kill in the name of Orr?
Upon event failure
Explorer Nyxx: Will you pay heed to my advice from now on, when I insist a plan is unwise?
Scholar Riagan: This area did turn out to be more infested with Orrians that I had imagined.
Scholar Riagan: I still insist this ritual can work. I just need to review my notes more carefully and try again.


  • This is a Dynamic event, which requires the following conditions to begin:
  • After Explorer Nyxx repairs the tents, Scholar Riagan reappears then it takes about 9 minutes for this event to begin.
  • If this event fails then Scholar Riagan will disappear.
  • If the 9 minutes have passed, the event automatically starts if one player comes close to the camp.
  • Riagan is assured dead in Wraithwalker Woods before reaching the coast without the aid of the player(s).