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Druid Runestone Fragment (consumable)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about for the consumable. For the gizmo, see Druid Runestone Fragment.
Druid Runestone Fragment (consumable).png

Druid Runestone Fragment

Item type
Account Bound
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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Double-click to combine 5 fragments into a Druid Runestone.

— In-game description

Druid Runestone Fragment is a consumable available from vendors. It is limited to one daily purchase per vendor per account; once purchased it provides the player with a Druid Runestone Fragment.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Escaped Prisoner Arissea Heathen's Hold Draconis Mons 1,050 Karma.png
Mark I Golemite Rata Arcanum Draconis Mons 1,050 Karma.png
Supplymaster Hanjo Mariner Landing Draconis Mons
1,000 Unbound Magic.png
 + Copper coin
Tactician Tunelle Savage Rise Draconis Mons 1,050 Karma.png
Z.O.X. Ancient Hollow Draconis Mons 1,050 Karma.png