Caustic Nightmare weapon skins

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Caustic Nightmare weapon skins are standalone weapons found across the Nightmare Fractal in Fractals of the Mists.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Caustic Nightmare Anelace.png Caustic Nightmare Anelace Skin Dagger
Caustic Nightmare Thornblade.png Caustic Nightmare Thornblade Skin Sword
Off hand
Caustic Nightmare Corsage.png Caustic Nightmare Corsage Skin Focus
Caustic Nightmare Nettleguard.png Caustic Nightmare Nettleguard Skin Shield




This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Up to the Challenge Nightmare Fractal 5Achievement points
Defeat Ensolyss of the Endless Torment in the Nightmare fractal.Bling-9009 has received reports of your exploits and now carries new weapon skins!
Title: Title icon.png The Unclean
Reward:Massive Achievement Chest.png Nightmare Skin Chest
Defeated Ensolyss in the Nightmare Fractal 5Achievement points


Vendor Area Zone Cost
BLING-9009 BLING-9009 Mistlock Observatory
Fractals of the Mists
Mistlock Sanctuary
10 Golden Fractal Relic.png + 20 Integrated Fractal Matrix.png

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