Book Of Knowledge: Quaggans

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Book Of Knowledge: Quaggans

Item type
Creature Codex
Soulbound on Acquire

Book Of Knowledge: Quaggans was a Creature Codex book that provided the player with a skill point and lore on quaggans. Before its removal, reading it was a skill challenge.


This amphibious race can be found in or near Tyria's many waterways. Quaggans are recognizable by their portly appearance, their quirky speech patterns, and a kind demeanor.

While their laid-back attitude makes for pleasant company, it also leaves them at the mercy of more ruthless races, such as the krait. Under extreme duress, quaggans have been known to go berserk, gaining increased power and special abilities for a short time, though quaggans are always embarrassed by their lack of control afterward.

In larger quaggan settlements, it's common to see statues worshipping
the quaggan deity, Mellaggan, who some believe to be an offshoot of the human god Melandru.