Big Zojja

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Big Zojja was an eighteen-foot tall cephalolithopathic golem designed by Snaff, and with a head carved by Eir Stegalkin. It was lost in the Dragonspawn's inner sanctum when Snaff, Zojja, Eir Stegalkin, and Garm made their first attempt to kill the creature, and the wreckage was found when the newly-formed Destiny's Edge returned to the site of the battle. With parts from Big Snaff, it was able to be salvaged, before going out of commission again when falling down a slope.

A second Big Zojja was under construction at the time of the battle with the Destroyer of Life, but was far from complete. When Destiny's Edge traveled to the Crystal Desert to defeat Glint, it had been completely redesigned. Big Zojja survived the battle with Kralkatorrik, but what happened to it after is unknown.