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Ancient Family Crest

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Ancient Family Crest

Item type
Crystal Desert Basic Collections.png Raise the Banners: Salute to Palawa Joko
Account Bound
Game link
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Alternate route to the location of the chest.

Double-click to consume.
Double-click to gain a moderate amount of karma.
Recover this to help ensure the noble families of Elona will support Amnoon in the coming war.

Hint: Search for this in a chest lost to the Brand in the Dzasha Uplands of the Domain of Vabbi.

— In-game description


  • Found in a chest in the northeast corner of the Dzasha Uplands within the Domain of Vabbi.
    • Using a Skimmer, head north along the river near Ruins of the Mirror of Lyss. Follow the path defined by the glowing shard doorways, being mindful of foes that can dismount you quickly, and head to the plateau overlooking the Grand Court of Sebelkeh where the Fury of the Brand effect occurs. Face north from the plateau and look for a broken spiral made from white crystal, stone brick walkways and purple crystal. At the top will be a protective bubble and the chest containing the Ancient Family Crest.


  • An alternate route may be taken from Ruins of Mihanu Township, and by utilizing gliding or the Griffon you can skip part of the glowing shard doorway path as well as the large portions of the glowing shard doorway path with the Springer. Locate the broken spiral and proceed as above.


  • The chest can only be open once per account per day
  • Will only drop for a character that chose to support Palawa Joko during the story Blazing a Trail. To determine which faction your character supported, go to the Free City of Amnoon and see which banners are in the city in addition to the Amnoon's City Council banner. You will want to see the banner for Palawa Joko.
  • Interacting with the chest the first time knocks you back and summons a Champion Branded Ley-Line Anomaly. Before Anomaly will start to attack, you will have time to interact with the chest again, using Stability before first interaction with the chest, you will be able to open it even faster. If you'll miss that small time window however, you can still try to open the chest in the middle of the fight, since Anomaly attacks are weak and random AoEs. However if you make use of Invulnerability skills, Aegis or stationary dodges (like Mirage Cloak), you can open the chest while in combat with the Anomaly ignoring AoE attacks altogether.
  • If you are following the path and encounter a trio of Veteran Branded Ley-Line Anomalies guarding a chest, you should turn around and keep searching as this is not the correct chest.
Palawa Joko Banner.