After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth

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After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth

Item type
Creature Codex
Soulbound on Acquire
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Double Click to gain a skill point.
This tactical report describes the recent centaur assault on Shaemoor involving a giant earth elemental.
"More than the lightning or the rocks, watch out for the flying cows."
— Clerk Sanderson
Account Collectible

— In-game description

The After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth was a Creature Codex book that provided the player with a skill point and lore on the Earth Elemental Hands. Before its removal reading it was a skill challenge.


After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth

Named after a powerful Modniir chieftain, the Hands of Ulgoth were summoned by a centaur high sage after losing the battle for Shaemoor Village. In a last-ditch attempt at victory, he summoned massive earthen hands, formed at the center of a maelstrom.

The storm hurled debris and farm animals at a makeshift defense force consisting of Seraph and adventurers.

Led by Captain Logan Thackeray, the force overwhelmed the Hands of Ulgoth, thus sparing the battered Shaemoor from further devastation.


  • The flying cows is a reference to the 1996 movie Twister.