After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth

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After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth

Item type
Creature Codex
Soulbound on Acquire
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Double Click to gain a skill point.
This tactical report describes the recent centaur assault on Shaemoor involving a giant earth elemental.
"More than the lightning or the rocks, watch out for the flying cows."
— Clerk Sanderson
Account Collectible

— In-game description

The After Action Report: Hands of Ulgoth is a Creature Codex book that provides the player with a skill point and lore on the Hands of Ulgoth. Before its removal reading it was a skill challenge.


Named after a powerful Modniir chieftain, the Hands of Ulgoth were summoned by a centaur high sage after losing the battle for Shaemoor Village. In a last-ditch attempt at victory, he summoned massive earthen hands, formed at the center of a maelstrom.
The storm hurled debris and farm animals at a makeshift defense force consisting of Seraph and adventurers.
Led by Captain Logan Thackeray, the force overwhelmed the Hands of Ulgoth, thus sparing the battered Shaemoor from further devastation.


The flying cows is a reference to the 1996 movie Twister.