Portal Entre

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Portal Entre.png

Portal Entre

90 Recharge time  6 Skill point  

Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Mesmer (skill list)
Utility (tier 3)
Portal Entre.png
Portal Exeunt.png
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Create an entry portal at your location that teleports allies to your exit portal.

Miscellaneous effect.png Range Threshold: 5,000
Duration.png Duration: 60 s

— In-game description [?]


An inactive and active portal.
The uniquely colored portal context action interface.
  • The portals are indestructible, untargetable objects which can teleport any allied players up to 20 times when interacted with either portal.
  • The distance between two portals is restricted to 5,000 in PvE/WvW and 6,000 in PvP. If the distance between the portals exceeds this range, both portals become brightly lit as if active but cannot be interacted with.
  • After creating the initial portal with Portal Entre, the mesmer has 60 seconds to activate Portal Exeunt, which lasts 10 seconds after a 2 second delay.
  • Recharge time for Portal Entre begins upon activation, and it resets to full recharge when the Portal Exeunt is used.
  • Portals become brightly lit when they can be interacted with.


  • The skill's sound effect is the theme from Guild Wars played backwards on a prototype music box with echo added. Maclaine Diemer posted a video showing the prototype in response to a Reddit thread.

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