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Experimental Teleportation Gun

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Experimental Teleportation Gun.png

Experimental Teleportation Gun

Item type
Req. level
Soulbound on Acquire
32 Copper coin
Game link

Double-click to gain an Experimental Teleportation Gun.

— In-game description


[edit] Acquisition

Vendor Location Cost
Danka Fisher's Eye Bridges 32 Copper coin

[edit] Skills

Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
Create Teleporter.png
 Create Teleporter
0.25¼ 30 Fire the experimental gun creating a teleporter.Warning Experimental!!!

[edit] Usage

  • Double-click the consumable to create the gun, creating an environmental weapon.
  • Using Create Teleporter will cause you to jump forward 900 units, creating a portal between your starting and ending points.

[edit] Notes

  • Cannot be used in WvW, dungeons, or PvP.
  • If you fall after your jump, your portal will be left hanging in the air.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the context of their use in dungeons, Robert Hrouda said, "every time I hear about Spy Kits and Portal Guns, I cringe." [1]

[edit] See also

[edit] References

  1. ^ Citadel of Flame Path 3...Seems Unfair, Official forum post.
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