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Structured PvP

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Structured PvP is a Player versus Player mode which allows competition on an even footing.


[edit] Getting there

There are two ways to join a PvP match:

[edit] Mechanics

[edit] PvP Builds

Characters used in structured PvP gain access to a separate PvP Build. The character's attributes are set to a fixed maximum level.

[edit] Skills and traits

Characters are limited to their profession skills and traits, and cannot use racial skills or common skills (such as Summon Mistfire Wolf and Antitoxin Spray). Most skills and traits are unlocked automatically, but those introduced after the release of the game are not unlocked automatically and must be unlocked.

  • Skills — cost 25 Skill point.png to unlock.
  • Traits — cost 20 Skill point.png and Gold coin to unlock, or can be unlocked in PvE.

[edit] Equipment

Characters are limited to weapons and armor in their inventory. Equipment can be upgraded with runes and sigils in the PvP Build panel and does not alter the equipment for PvE or WvW. While in structured PvP, equipment offers no attribute bonuses. Attributes are gained through amulets and trait lines. Accounts have access to most runes, sigils, and amulets automatically and additional items can be unlocked.

  • Runes — cost Gold coin
  • Sigils — cost Gold coin
  • Amulets — cost 10 Gold coin

[edit] Arenas types

PvP Game Browser interface

Two teams are matched up against each other. In a standard match, the objective is to be the first team to reach 500 points. Points are awarded through holding capture points and kills. There are 3 capture points on each map, and when captured, each location grants one point every two seconds. Each player kill grants five points. If neither team reaches 500 points, the team with the most points will be declared the winner after the 15 minute time limit. Each map has unique secondary mechanics.

Players are matched based on a similar amount of total rank earned. [1]

[edit] Custom Arena

Primary article: Custom Arena

Custom Arenas, also known as hot-join, use a game selection system which allows players to join a game based on map and available space. In this arena, players can join matches already in progress, so the number of active players can change over the course of the match as people join or leave. The game tries to keep teams even by changing a players team if one team has two or more players than the other. Players can look for other players for Custom Arenas in a category in the Looking For Group tool.

Many server created matches with generic match settings are available. Additional matches can be created with a Custom Arena Starter Kit, allowing players to customized the settings.

[edit] Solo Arena

PvP Arenas interface

Solo Arenas are a game mode that has random teams of 5 versus 5 and uses a random map rotation, but players cannot queue for a game while in a group. They were added so that players could choose to avoid possibly having a PUG getting matched against a coordinated pre-made group. Solo Arena has a leaderboard.

Random Map Rotation

[edit] Team Arena

Team Arenas are a game mode that has player created teams of 5 versus 5 and uses a random map rotation. Unlike the tournaments that came before them however, team arenas also use a random map rotation. Players can look for other players for Team Arenas in a category in the Looking For Group tool. Team Arena has a leaderboard.

Random Map Rotation

[edit] Rewards

[edit] Match rewards

Rewards from structured PvP matches include rank points and coin. Players participating in a match for less than 7 minutes receive reduced rewards.

Arena Rank points Coin
Lose reward
Custom Arena 200 Rank Point.png 10 Silver coin
Solo Arena 300 Rank Point.png 12 Silver coin 50 Copper coin
Team Arena 500 Rank Point.png 15 Silver coin
Win reward
Custom Arena 500 Rank Point.png 15 Silver coin
Solo Arena 1000 Rank Point.png 25 Silver coin
Team Arena 1500 Rank Point.png 30 Silver coin

Maximum daily coin rewards are limited for each account for each area type:

  • Custom Arena — maximum 5 Gold coin
  • Solo Arena — maximum 15 Gold coin
  • Team Arena — maximum 15 Gold coin

[edit] PvP Reward Tracks

Participating in structured PvP progresses a PvP Reward Track, which offers unique rewards for each track. Some tracks are available for a limited time but can be unlocked after a goal has been reached. Only one track can be active at a time.

Unique (non-repeatable)

[edit] Rank rewards

Whenever an account reaches a new PvP Rank, the player receives a rank-up chest based on the rank earned.

For every 10 ranks earned, a new finisher is unlocked for the account.

[edit] Maps

There are several different maps for structured PvP, all of which are conquest, although other objective types are planned for the future.[2]

[edit] Conquest

[edit] Notes

  • The sPvP servers are not tied to a specific world. From the lobby, you can actually get teamed up with or against players from other worlds.[3]
  • Scores are tracked on the scoreboard. Player statistics are tracked and used to generate a player ranking.[4]

[edit] Trivia

PvP Browser mock-up made available pre-release
How the PvP Browser looked at release

[edit] External links

[edit] References

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