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List of armor sets

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This article is a checklist style list of all armor sets. For a list of armor sets broken up by acquisition method, see Armor set

Set Light Medium Heavy Level Low.
Cultural Karma P. Story Token PvP Crafted Loot Other Gem
1 Loot series 1 Apprentice armor Rawhide armor Chainmail armor 0-80 BBasic BBasic Yes Yes
2 Asura tier 1 Adept armor Protean armor Galvanic armor 35 ERare ERare Asura
3 Asura tier 2 Genius armor Auxiliary Powered armor Electroplated armor 60 ERare ERare Asura
4 Asura tier 3 Savant armor Prototype armor Electromagnetic armor 80 ERare ERare Asura
5 Charr tier 1 Invoker's armor Drover armor Warband armor 35 ERare ERare Charr
6 Charr tier 2 Archon armor Wrangler armor Legion armor 60 ERare ERare Charr
7 Charr tier 3 Magus armor Trapper armor Dreadnaught armor 80 ERare ERare Charr
8 Human tier 1 Researcher's armor Scout's armor Commander's armor 35 ERare ERare Human
9 Human tier 2 Aristocrat's armor Falconer's armor Avenger's armor 60 ERare ERare Human
10 Human tier 3 Sorcerer's armor Assassin's armor Protector's armor 80 ERare ERare Human
11 Norn tier 1 Sheepskin armor Wolfborn armor Dolyak armor 35 ERare ERare Norn
12 Norn tier 2 Havroun armor Predatory armor Eagle armor 60 ERare ERare Norn
13 Norn tier 3 Lupine armor Wolf armor Stag armor 80 ERare ERare Norn
14 Sylvari tier 1 Snapdragon armor Evergreen armor Arborist armor 35 ERare ERare Sylvari
15 Sylvari tier 2 Orchid armor Nightshade armor Warden armor 60 ERare ERare Sylvari
16 Sylvari tier 3 Dryad armor Firstborn armor Oaken armor 80 ERare ERare Sylvari
17 Karma series 1 Devout armor Rogue armor Militia armor  ? Skin DMasterwork Yes Yes
18 Karma series 2 Dry Bones armor Duelist armor Pit Fighter armor 3  ? Skin DMasterwork Yes Yes
19 Karma series 3 Stately armor Stalker armor Studded Plate armor  ? Skin DMasterwork Yes Yes
20 Karma series 4 Primitive armor Buccaneer armor Dark Templar armor 72-80 Skin DMasterwork Yes Yes
21 Karma series 5 Light temple armor Medium temple armor Heavy temple armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes
22 Priory's Historical armor Light Priory's Historical armor Medium Priory's Historical armor Heavy Priory's Historical armor 80 ERare ERare Yes
23 Whisper's Secret armor Light Whisper's Secret armor Medium Whisper's Secret armor Heavy Whisper's Secret armor 80 ERare ERare Yes
24 Vigil's Honor armor Light Vigil's Honor armor Medium Vigil's Honor armor Heavy Vigil's Honor armor 80 ERare ERare Yes
25 Ascalonian Catacombs Ascalonian Performer armor Ascalonian Sentry armor Ascalonian Protector armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
26 Caudecus's Manor Council Ministry armor Council Watch armor Council Guard armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
27 Twilight's Arbor Nightmare Court armor Nightmare Court armor Nightmare Court armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
28 Sorrow's Embrace Forgeman armor Forgeman armor Forgeman armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
29 Citadel of Flame Flame Legion armor Flame Legion armor Flame Legion armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
30 Honor of the Waves Armor of Koda Armor of Koda Armor of Koda 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
31 Crucible of Eternity Inquest armor Inquest armor Inquest armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
32 Arah Armor of the Lich Accursed armor Grasping Dead armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes Yes
33 World vs World Diviner armor Mist Walker armor 2 Heavy Plate armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes
34 Crafted series 1 Embroidered armor Seeker armor Chain armor 05-20 CFine DMasterwork Yes
35 Crafted series 2 Student armor Outlaw armor Scale armor 25-35 CFine DMasterwork Yes
36 Crafted series 3 Acolyte armor Leather armor Splint armor 40-50 CFine DMasterwork Yes
37 Crafted series 4 Winged armor Rascal armor Tempered Scale armor 55-65 CFine DMasterwork Yes
38 Crafted series 5 Feathered armor 1 Prowler armor Barbaric armor 70-80 CFine DMasterwork Yes
39 Crafted series 6 Masquerade armor Noble armor Gladiator Armor 35-80 ERare ERare Yes
40 Crafted series 7 Exalted armor Emblazoned armor Draconic armor 80 FExotic FExotic Yes
41 Loot series 2 Country armor Studded armor Worn Chain armor  ? CFine DMasterwork Yes
42 Loot series 3 Magician armor Swindler armor Worn Scale armor  ? CFine DMasterwork Yes
43 Loot series 4 Cabalist armor Privateer armor Reinforced Scale armor  ? CFine ERare Yes Yes
44 Loot series 5 Conjurer armor Rogue armor Banded armor 54-80 ERare ERare Yes
45 Loot series 6 Seer armor Sneakthief armor Scallywag armor 62-80 FExotic FExotic Yes
46 Gem Store series 1 Profane armor Krytan armor Primeval armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
47 Heritage armor Heritage armor Heritage armor Heritage armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
48 Gem Store series 2 Aetherblade armor Aetherblade armor Aetherblade armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
49 Gem Store series 3 Phoenix armor Magitech armor Braham's armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
50 Gem Store series 4 Trickster's armor Viper's armor Phalanx armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
51 Gem Store series 5 Flamekissed armor 1 Flamewalker armor 2 Flamewrath armor 3 0 Skin Skin Yes
52 Crafted series 8 Illustrious armor Illustrious armor Illustrious armor 80 GAscended GAscended Yes Yes
53 Gem Store series 6 Zodiac armor Zodiac armor Zodiac armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
54 Gem Store series 7 Incarnate armor Strider's armor Rampart armor 0 Skin Skin Yes
  • 1, 2, 3 These armor sets have visually different skins, but identical models.
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