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Charr cultural armor are the unique sets of cultural armor that can be obtained only by charr characters. There are six pieces in each of the light, medium, and heavy armor sets.

Charr cultural armor
Magus armor light charr male front.jpg Trapper armor medium charr male front.jpg Dreadnought armor heavy charr male front.jpg
Light armor gallery Medium armor gallery Heavy armor gallery

Attribute bonuses[edit]

Each tier has bonuses to Power and Ferocity, with bonuses to Precision added for tiers 2 and 3.

Cumulative attribute bonuses
Tier Power Power Ferocity Ferocity Precision Precision
1 +91 +65
2 +180 +129 +129
3 +278 +197 +197


Armor Cost
Tier Level Required Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet Total
1 35 40 Silver coin 40 Silver coin 80 Silver coin 34 Silver coin 60 Silver coin 34 Silver coin Gold coin 88 Silver coin
2 60 Gold coin Gold coin Gold coin 80 Silver coin Gold coin 50 Silver coin 80 Silver coin Gold coin 10 Silver coin
3 80 20 Gold coin 20 Gold coin 30 Gold coin 12 Gold coin 25 Gold coin 12 Gold coin 119 Gold coin

Tier 1[edit]

Tier 1 charr cultural armor can be obtained from Comidus in The Black Citadel.

Armor Defense
Invoker's Helm.png Invoker's Helm 24
Invoker's Shoulders.png Invoker's Shoulders 24
Invoker's Coat.png Invoker's Coat 101
Invoker's Gloves.png Invoker's Gloves 43
Invoker's Leggings.png Invoker's Leggings 63
Invoker's Boots.png Invoker's Boots 43
Total defense 298
Armor piece Defense
Drover Helm.png Drover Helm 32
Drover Shoulders.png Drover Shoulders 32
Drover Coat.png Drover Coat 109
Drover Gloves.png Drover Gloves 51
Drover Leggings.png Drover Leggings 70
Drover Boots.png Drover Boots 51
Total defense 345
Armor Defense
Warband Visor.png Warband Visor 39
Warband Spaulders.png Warband Spaulders 39
Warband Hauberk.png Warband Hauberk 117
Warband Fists.png Warband Fists 59
Warband Tassets.png Warband Tassets 78
Warband Boots.png Warband Boots 59
Total defense 391

Tier 2[edit]

Tier 2 charr cultural armor can be obtained from Eliana in The Black Citadel.

Armor Defense
Archon Helm.png Archon Helm 44
Archon Shoulders.png Archon Shoulders 44
Archon Coat.png Archon Coat 187
Archon Gloves.png Archon Gloves 80
Archon Leggings.png Archon Leggings 115
Archon Boots.png Archon Boots 80
Total defense 550
Armor piece Defense
Wrangler Helm.png Wrangler Helm 58
Wrangler Shoulders.png Wrangler Shoulders 58
Wrangler Coat.png Wrangler Coat 202
Wrangler Gloves.png Wrangler Gloves 94
Wrangler Leggings.png Wrangler Leggings 130
Wrangler Boots.png Wrangler Boots 94
Total defense 636
Armor Defense
Legion Visor.png Legion Visor 72
Legion Spaulders.png Legion Spaulders 72
Legion Hauberk.png Legion Hauberk 216
Legion Fists.png Legion Fists 108
Legion Tassets.png Legion Tassets 144
Legion Boots.png Legion Boots 108
Total defense 720
When wearing the Archon Coat players always have visible Archon Shoulders no matter what they have equipped in their shoulder slot or if it's on visible or not.

Tier 3[edit]

Tier 3 charr cultural armor can be obtained from Scyllix in The Black Citadel.

Armor Defense
Magus Shroud.png Magus Shroud 65
Magus Shoulders.png Magus Shoulders 65
Magus Coat.png Magus Coat 278
Magus Gloves.png Magus Gloves 118
Magus Leggings.png Magus Leggings 171
Magus Boots.png Magus Boots 118
Total defense 815
Armor piece Defense
Trapper Helm.png Trapper Helm 86
Trapper Shoulders.png Trapper Shoulders 86
Trapper Coat.png Trapper Coat 299
Trapper Gloves.png Trapper Gloves 139
Trapper Leggings.png Trapper Leggings 193
Trapper Boots.png Trapper Boots 139
Total defense 942
Armor Defense
Dreadnought Visor.png Dreadnought Visor 107
Dreadnought Spaulders.png Dreadnought Spaulders 107
Dreadnought Hauberk.png Dreadnought Hauberk 321
Dreadnought Fists.png Dreadnought Fists 161
Dreadnought Tassets.png Dreadnought Tassets 214
Dreadnought Warboots.png Dreadnought Warboots 161
Total defense 1071

Preview codes[edit]

Tier 1[edit]

Armor Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet
Light [&AgGMDgAA] [&AgGODgAA] [&AgGKDgAA] [&AgGLDgAA] [&AgGNDgAA] [&AgGJDgAA]
Medium [&AgGGDgAA] [&AgGIDgAA] [&AgGEDgAA] [&AgGFDgAA] [&AgGHDgAA] [&AgGDDgAA]

Tier 2[edit]

Armor Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet
Medium [&AgGSDgAA] [&AgGUDgAA] [&AgGQDgAA] [&AgGRDgAA] [&AgGTDgAA] [&AgGPDgAA]
Heavy [&AgGZDgAA] [&AgGbDgAA] [&AgGXDgAA] [&AgGYDgAA] [&AgGaDgAA] [&AgGWDgAA]

Tier 3[edit]

Armor Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet
Light [&AgHrDQAA] [&AgHtDQAA] [&AgHpDQAA] [&AgHqDQAA] [&AgHsDQAA] [&AgHoDQAA]
Medium [&AgGfDgAA] [&AgGhDgAA] [&AgGdDgAA] [&AgGeDgAA] [&AgGgDgAA] [&AgGcDgAA]