Emblazoned armor

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Emblazoned armor

Emblazoned armor is FExotic medium armor available through crafting by Leatherworker tango icon 20px.png leatherworkers.


Set pieces[edit]

Armor Game link
Emblazoned Helm.png Emblazoned Helm
Emblazoned Shoulders.png Emblazoned Shoulders
Emblazoned Coat.png Emblazoned Coat
Emblazoned Gloves.png Emblazoned Gloves
Emblazoned Pants.png Emblazoned Pants
Emblazoned Boots.png Emblazoned Boots


Prefix Primary attribute Secondary attributes
Crafted insignia
Apothecary's Healing Power Healing Power Toughness Toughness Condition Damage Condition Damage
Assassin's Precision Precision Power Power Ferocity Ferocity
Berserker's Power Power Precision Precision Ferocity Ferocity
Carrion Condition Damage Condition Damage Power Power Vitality Vitality
Celestial1 2 Power Power
Precision Precision
Toughness Toughness
Vitality Vitality
Condition Damage Condition Damage
Ferocity Ferocity
Healing Power Healing Power
Cleric's Healing Power Healing Power Power Power Toughness Toughness
Giver's Toughness Toughness Boon Duration Boon Duration Healing Power Healing Power
Knight's Toughness Toughness Power Power Precision Precision
Nomad's2 Toughness Toughness Vitality Vitality Healing Power Healing Power
Rampager's Precision Precision Power Power Condition Damage Condition Damage
Settler's Toughness Toughness Healing Power Healing Power Condition Damage Condition Damage
Sinister2 Condition Damage Condition Damage Power Power Precision Precision
Valkyrie Power Power Vitality Vitality Ferocity Ferocity
Zealot's2 Power Power Precision Precision Healing Power Healing Power
Non-crafted insignia
Cavalier's Toughness Toughness Power Power Ferocity Ferocity
Dire Condition Damage Condition Damage Toughness Toughness Vitality Vitality
Magi's Healing Power Healing Power Precision Precision Vitality Vitality
Rabid Condition Damage Condition Damage Precision Precision Toughness Toughness
Sentinel's Vitality Vitality Power Power Toughness Toughness
Shaman's Vitality Vitality Condition Damage Condition Damage Healing Power Healing Power
Soldier's Power Power Toughness Toughness Vitality Vitality
1Gives 2/3 of the normal secondary attribute bonus.
2Recipes for these prefixes can only be learned from recipe sheets.

Materials for a full set[edit]

Variations with crafted insignia require the following ingredients. Variations with non-crafted insignia only require the materials to craft the components.

Prefix Fine material Common materials for insignia Common materials for components
Apothecary's 180 Karka Shell.png Karka Shell
Assassin's   30 Vicious Claw.png Vicious Claw
Berserker's   30 Vial of Powerful Blood.png Vial of Powerful Blood
Carrion   30 Ancient Bone.png Ancient Bone
Celestial   30 Charged Quartz Crystal.png Charged Quartz Crystal
Cleric's   30 Elaborate Totem.png Elaborate Totem
Giver's   30 Flawless Snowflake.png Flawless Snowflake
Knight's   30 Armored Scale.png Armored Scale
Rampager's   30 Powerful Venom Sac.png Powerful Venom Sac
Sinister   6 Sheet of Charged Ambrite.png Sheet of Charged Ambrite
Valkyrie   30 Vicious Fang.png Vicious Fang

Preview codes[edit]

Skin preview codes
Headgear Shoulders Chest Gloves Leggings Boots


Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura

Asura female
Front view Back view
Front Back
Asura male
Front view Back view
Front Back

Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr

Charr female
Front view Back view
Front Back
Charr male
Front view Back view
Front Back

Human tango icon 20px.png Human

Human female
Front view Back view
Front Back
Human male
Front view Back view
Front Back

Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn

Norn female
Front view Back view
Front Back
Norn male
Front view Back view
Front Back

Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari

Sylvari female
Front view Back view
Front Back
Sylvari male
Front view Back view
Front Back