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Corporal Sam Beirne is a male human. When the centaurs attacked the Village of Shaemoor, he was in charge of getting the villagers to safety. He has a pet Coyote named Allie.

Personal storyline involvement[edit]


During Defending Shaemoor

There's too many of them! This whole place is a war zone and there aren't enough soldiers to protect the villagers!
Outstanding. Seargeant Walters is coordinating our efforts at the inn. Send villagers there. After that, if you still feel like volunteering, talk to Walters. She'll put you to work.

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  • Beirne is one of the game designers at ArenaNet.
  • Beirne can be revived with the Signet of Mercy, if the player is a guardian. This will have absolutely no effect on the other NPCs, however. The player can talk to Beirne with the same chat options as before he died, but he will cease to exist once the player leaves the instance.