Yak's Bend

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Yak's Bend

Yak's Bend.jpg
Yak's Bend

Yak's Bend was originally a small dwarven settlement which was used by the Ascalonians who were fleeing the Charr Invasion with Prince Rurik, as well as other adventurers seeking to rest and trade their goods. In modern times, a group of norn hunters have established a trading post there, where they exchange goods with the nearby kodan refugees living in their camp, Sacred Trust.





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Scout (map icon).png Researcher Zott
Merchant (map icon).png Sini Silvertongue
Repairs (map icon).png Vaino

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Hunter: You want to play "Quaggan Quaff?"
Albrikt: Not if I have to drink quaggan ale.
Hunter: No, we use our own ale. My cousin plays this at quaggan events.
Hunter: We have to drink a flagon of ale every time a quaggan says "quaggan."
Albrikt: By the Bear, that sounds like a great game!