Crash Site (meta event)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the meta event in Dry Top. For other uses, see Crash Site.

Crash Site

Dry Top
(Maguuma Wastes)
Event type
Meta event
Total events
Followed by
Talk more option tango.png Sandstorm!

Crash Site is a meta event that takes place in Dry Top. It starts every hour, stays for 40 minutes cycling events every 5 minutes. The main objective is to complete these events to accumulate Favor of the Zephyrites. Once the 40 minutes have passed, the Sandstorm! meta-event takes over.


  • Support the survivors of the crash by offering to help around Dry Top, and raise Favor of the Zephyrites to assist with the relief effort.
  • Favor of the Zephyrites (Tier ##)
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  • A sandstorm will arrive in: 40:00


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00:00 UTC

See also: Dry Top/event table


  • Each event rewards a chest with one Geode plus one per level of the Favor of the Zephyrites and Piles of Silky Sand. That chest uses the bonus chest area of the UI but is not limited in quantity.