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Vampire Beast Broodmother

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Vampire Beast Broodmother is the main source of challenge of the hero challenge Pile of Guano in Verdant Brink.


Heart of Maguuma

Event involvement[edit]

Hero point.png Defeat the vampire beasts (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Drains Life
  • Causes Bleeding
  • Causes Vampiric Infection
  • Teleports

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Bloody Feed -
  • Bloody Slice -
  • Drain - The beast leaps back, then channels a red beam that damages the target and heals the beast. This heals about 50% of the beast's health, if not interrupted by breaking the break bar. The break bar will be instantly refilled at the start of the cast, and will replete faster than normal while the skill is channeling.
  • Pounce -
  • Slash -
  • Vampiric Infection - Drains health from a target, restores health to itself
Stolen skills


  • The drain skill will heal about 50% of the beast's health, if not interrupted. Consider bringing hard control skills, such as Technobabble
  • The drain skill requires line-of-sight to deal damage and heal the beast. Hiding behind a pillar until the skill finishes channeling allows a single player to finish off the beast without needing control skills.