Valis the Learned

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Grand Savant Valis the Learned was the head researcher of the White Mantle working on the Maguuma Jungle Bloodstone. He was working under two distinct orders, under the supervision of Justiciar Bauer and Inquisitor Matthias Gabrel. The first, ordered by Confessor Caudecus was to research the potential of using the Bloodstone as weaponry; the second, ordered by High Inquisitor Xera, to research its potential to revive Lazarus the Dire as part of Operation Rebirth.

Him and his team's research eventually led to the discovery of imbuing Bloodstone fragments into living beings to enhance them. Following this discovery, Matthias moved to Salvation Pass to perform experiments on prisoners. Valis's team also managed to mine into the Bloodstone itself, cracking its shell and discovering that the Bloodstone was growing with more magic.

Eventually, Valis was called by Justiciar Bauer for a secretive ritual, and is presumed dead after the explosion of Bloodstone Fen.


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