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General Information:

Good Day Everyone!

I was a Guild Wars player from Lithuania and now will be playing Guild Wars 2. Here I will play with my whole family(my wife(Djinne) and my son(Diakon)) and with few friends from Lithuania. As may way of Life follows this sentence: "Friends are Angels, Who lift us UP when our wings forget how to Fly", so it's obviuos that we are free to new friends, game mates and etc., especially from Lithuania.

Anyone from Lithuania who wants to join our community visit our community's webpage Guild Wars 2 LT

Willing to hear from you soon and see you in game!

Upcoming Galerian's Characters
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Mesmer icon small.png Ace Of Panic(Retired)

Upcoming Djinne's Characters
Ranger icon small.png Djinne - Thief icon small.png Malikel - Elementalist icon small.png Ugnele - Necromancer icon small.png Gelyte

Upcoming Diakon's Characters
Guardian icon small.png Coldhearted Diakon - Necromancer icon small.png Colded Fusion

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--Always Welcome-- --2013 year--