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Transcendental Parchment

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Transcendental Parchment.png

Transcendental Parchment

Item type
Legendary Trinkets.png Coalescence I: Unbridled
Account Bound
Game link

Can be placed in the Mystic Forge along with other bookmaking materials to create a Meditation Logbook.

— In-game description


  • Found in a hidden chest behind Dhuum's throne after successful completion of the last encounter in the raid.
    • Can be looted in a previously-cleared instance, given you have killed Dhuum previously in the same week.

Sold by[edit]

Only available for purchase after item has previously been acquired.

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Qadim's Portable Magnetite Shard Exchange/Hall of Chains Qadim's Portable Magnetite Shard Exchange Magnetite Shard.png + 21 Silver coin 12 Copper coin
Scholar Glenna (Hall of Chains) Scholar Glenna   Hall of Chains Magnetite Shard.png + 21 Silver coin 12 Copper coin
Scholar Glenna (Gaeting Crystal) Scholar Glenna (vendor currently unavailable)   Hall of Chains Gaeting Crystal.png + 21 Silver coin 12 Copper coin

Used in[edit]

Item Rarity Discipline(s) Rating Ingredients
Meditation Logbook.png Meditation Logbook Exotic Mystic Forge 0