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If Tochzotl succeeds, he'll be a mad priest with tremendous power. If he fails, he'll poison the entire tribe—and the river. Grim, indeed.


Tochzotl is a a cruel and powerful hylek priest who acts as the speaker of the Ogotl tribe. He aims to use the Zalisco extract to try to become the "Eye of the Sun", an avatar of Zintl, in order to eradicate all enemies of hylek. Although he successfully brewed the potion and consumed it, he was defeated by a sylvari party led by Trahearne in 1325 AE before he could cause more harm to the denizens of Maguuma Jungle.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Fire Breath -
  • Leap -
  • Stab -
  • Tongue Lash -
Stolen skills



  • Tochzotl's aura is reminiscent of a Guild Wars Warrior Boss.