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This template is used to create and check for the following types of account unlocks. Format using {{Account unlocks list result format}}.

Type API Account API API ids Widget Template Property Example
Dye API:2/colors API:2/account/dyes API ids Widget:Account dyes Template:Account dyes widget Property:Has color id #Dyes
Finisher API:2/finishers API:2/account/finishers API ids Widget:Account finishers Template:Account finishers widget Property:Has finisher id #Finishers
Glider API:2/gliders API:2/account/gliders API ids Widget:Account gliders Template:Account gliders widget Property:Has glider id #Gliders
Miniature API:2/minis API:2/account/minis API ids Widget:Account miniatures Template:Account miniatures widget Property:Has miniature id #Miniatures
Mount API:2/mounts/skins API:2/account/mounts/skins API ids Widget:Account mounts Template:Account mounts widget Property:Has mount id #Mounts
Novelty API:2/novelties API:2/account/novelties API ids Widget:Account novelties Template:Account novelties widget Property:Has novelty id #Novelties
Recipe API:2/recipes API:2/account/recipes Widget:Account recipes Template:Account recipes widget Property:Has recipe id #Recipes
Outfit API:2/outfits API:2/account/outfits API ids Widget:Account outfits Template:Account outfits widget Property:Has outfit id #Outfits
Skin API:2/skins API:2/account/skins Widget:Account skins Template:Account skins widget Property:Has game id #Skins
Item API:2/skins API:2/account/skins Widget:Account skins Template:Account skins widget Property:Has game id #Items
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{{Account unlocks list|<type>|<list of items>|sep = <separator>|query=<query>|columns=<1-6>}}


1 (unnamed parameter)
Type. Possible values: "dye(s)", "finisher(s)", "glider(s)", "miniature(s)" ("mini(s)"), "mount(s)", "novelty" ("novelties", also "chair(s)", "musical instrument(s)", "held item(s)", "toy(s)", "tonic(s)"), "recipe(s)", "outfit(s)", "skin(s)", "item(s)".
2 (unnamed parameter)
Optional. List of items. Either unnamed parameter 2 or query is used.
Optional, separator for the unnamed parameter 2 list, on default "," is used.
Optional. Query. Either query or unnamed parameter 2 is used.
Optional. How to sort query. Default is alphabetic.
Optional. Query limit, default is 250.
Optional. Amount of columns, suggested range: 1-6 columns.
Optional. Intro text, suggested to use either with "*", ";" or headings tags.
Optional. Outro text, supported only by query. Separated by "*".
Optional. Indent level, positive integer.
Optional. Setting this parameter will use Template:Contains instead of Template:Item icon.
Optional. Can be set to "true" to show the ids as visible suffix. Use this to make sure that your query properly return ids.


  • default queries for specific unnamed parameter 1:
    • "contain item(s)", "contains recipe(s)", "contains skin(s)": query = [[-Contains item::{{PAGENAME}}]].
    • "vendor item(s)", "vendor recipe(s)", "vendor skin(s)": query = [[-Sells item.Has vendor::{{PAGENAME}}]].
    • "achievement item(s)", "achievement skin(s)", "achievement novelty" ("achievement novelties"): [[Is part of collection::{{PAGENAME}}]]
    • "finisher(s)": [[Category:Finishers]]
    • "glider(s)": [[Category:Glider skins]]
    • "outfit(s)": [[Category:Outfits]]
    • "chair(s)": [[Has novelty type::Chair]]
    • "musical instrument(s)": [[Has novelty type::Musical instrument]]
    • "held item(s)": [[Has novelty type::Held item]]
    • "toy(s)": [[Has novelty type::Toy]]
    • "tonic(s)": [[Has novelty type::Tonic]]


  • Category: in order to use a specific category set query = [[Category:<category name>]].
  • Contained in a container: query = [[-Contains item::<container name>]].
  • Sold by vendor: query = [[-Sells item.Has vendor::<vendor name>]].
  • Note that all items should have the specified type, namely unnamed parameter 1.
  • Sets:
    • Armor sets: set the unnamed parameter 1 to item and use query = [[Has armor set::<armor set>]] or query = [[Category:<armor set>]].
      • Armor class: [[Has armor weight class::<Light/Medium/Heavy>]]
      • Sorting: set sort=Has armor weight class number,Has armor type number to sort by class: light < medium < heavy and then by type: head < shoulder < chest < gloves < leggings < boots.
    • Weapon sets: set the unnamed parameter 1 to item and use query = [[Has weapon set::<weapon set>]] or query = [[Category:<weapon set>]].
      • Sorting: sort=Has weapon type number
    • Skin sets: set the unnamed parameter 1 to skin and use query = [[Has skin set::<skin set>]].
    • In order to exclude subobjects add [[Has subobject::+]] or [[Has skin::+]] to the query where the "+" indicates the search for havint this property set.
  • Collections: query = [[Is part of collection::<collection name>]]



{{Account unlocks list|dyes|query=[[Has dye set::Exclusive]]|columns=6|intro=;Exclusive dyes}}
Exclusive dyes


{{Account unlocks list|gliders|columns=3}}


{{Account unlocks list|finisher|columns=3}}


{{Account unlocks list|minis|query=[[Category:Set 1 miniatures]]|columns=4}}


{{Account unlocks list|mounts|query=[[Category:Raptor skins]]}}
{{Account unlocks list|mount|query=[[Category:Springer skins]]}}


{{Account unlocks list|novelties|query=[[Category:Chairs]]}}

{{Account unlocks list|novelties|query=[[Category:Musical instruments]]}}


{{Account unlocks list|recipes|Recipe: Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee; Recipe: Bowl of Refugee's Beet Soup; Recipe: Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup; Recipe: Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup; Recipe: Carrot Soufflé; Recipe: Marjory's Experimental Chili; Recipe: Mushroom Loaf; Recipe: Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken; Recipe: Plate of Frostgorge Clams; Recipe: Potent Superior Sharpening Stones; Recipe: Potent Master Maintenance Oil; Recipe: Potent Master Tuning Crystals; Recipe: Spicy Marinated Mushroom; Recipe: Toxic Maintenance Oil; Recipe: Toxic Focusing Crystal; Recipe: Toxic Sharpening Stone|sep=;|columns=3}}


{{Account unlocks list|outfits|columns=3}}


{{Account unlocks list|skins|query=[[Has skin set::Krytan weapons]]}}

{{Account unlocks list|skins|Seraph Axe (skin),Seraph Sword (skin),Seraph Staff (skin)}}


{{Account unlocks list|items|query=[[Category:Seraph weapons]] [[Is historical::N]]|intro=* Weapons
** Automated seraph weapon list|indent = 2}}
{{Account unlocks list|items|Seraph Axe,Seraph Sword,Seraph Staff|intro=* Manual seraph weapons list|indent = 1}}

  • Manual seraph weapons list