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This template is used to create and check for the following types of account unlocks. Format using {{Account unlocks table header}}, {{Account unlocks table result format}} and {{Account unlocks table footer}}.

For a simple list see {{Account unlocks list}}.

Type API Account API API ids Widget Template Property Example
Dye API:2/colors API:2/account/dyes API ids Widget:Account dyes Template:Account dyes widget Property:Has color id #Dyes
Finisher API:2/finishers API:2/account/finishers API ids Widget:Account finishers Template:Account finishers widget Property:Has finisher id #Finishers
Glider API:2/gliders API:2/account/gliders API ids Widget:Account gliders Template:Account gliders widget Property:Has glider id #Gliders
Miniature API:2/minis API:2/account/minis API ids Widget:Account miniatures Template:Account miniatures widget Property:Has miniature id #Miniatures
Mount API:2/mounts/skins API:2/account/mounts/skins API ids Widget:Account mounts Template:Account mounts widget Property:Has mount id #Mounts
Novelty API:2/novelties API:2/account/novelties API ids Widget:Account novelties Template:Account novelties widget Property:Has novelty id #Novelties
Recipe API:2/recipes API:2/account/recipes Widget:Account recipes Template:Account recipes widget Property:Has recipe id #Recipes
Outfit API:2/outfits API:2/account/outfits API ids Widget:Account outfits Template:Account outfits widget Property:Has outfit id #Outfits
Skin API:2/skins API:2/account/skins Widget:Account skins Template:Account skins widget Property:Has game id #Skins
Item API:2/skins API:2/account/skins Widget:Account skins Template:Account skins widget Property:Has game id #Items


{{Account unlocks table|<type>|<list of items>|sep = <seperator>|query=<query>|columns=<1-6>}}


1 (unnamed parameter)
Type. Possible values: "dye(s)", "finisher(s)", "glider(s)", "miniature(s)" ("mini(s)"), "mount(s)", "novelty" ("novelties"), "recipe(s)", "outfit(s)", "skin(s)", "item(s)".
2 (unnamed parameter)
Optional. List of items. Either unnamed parameter 2 or query is used.
Optional, seperator for the unnamed parameter 2 list, on default "," is used.
Optional. Query. Either query or unnamed parameter 2 is used.
Optional. How to sort query. Default is alphabetic.
Optional. Table class.
Optional. Amount of columns, suggested range: 1-6 columns.
Optional. Column 1 title. Default is type.
Optional. Intro text, suggested to use either with "*", ";" or headings tags.
hide tp
Optional. If set, hides tp price and total tp price.
hide total
Optional. If set, hides total tp price.
Optional. If set to a vendor, then an additional vendor column will be displayed using the specified vendor as reference. Multiple vendors allowed, separated by ";".
Optional. For debugging use, defaults to "PAGENAME".
Optional. Can be set to "true" to show the ids as visible suffix. Use this to make sure that your query properly return ids.


  • default queries for specific unnamed parameter 1:
    • "contain item(s)", "contains recipe(s)", "contains skin(s)": query = [[-Contains item::{{{page|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]].
    • "vendor item(s)", "vendor recipe(s)", "vendor skin(s)": query = [[-Sells item.Has vendor::{{{page|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]].
    • "achievement item(s)", "achievement skin(s)" "achievement novelty" ("achievement novelties"): [[Is part of collection::{{{page|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]] — see also {{Collection table}} or {{Collection table row}} for a complete check (here it checks only for skins/novelties due to the missing in-game order).
    • "finisher(s)": [[Category:Finishers]]
    • "glider(s)": [[Category:Glider skins]]
    • "outfit(s)": [[Category:Outfits]]
    • "chair(s)": [[Has novelty type::Chair]]
    • "musical instrument(s)": [[Has novelty type::Musical instrument]]
    • "held item(s)": [[Has novelty type::Held item]]
    • "toy(s)": [[Has novelty type::Toy]]
    • "tonic(s)": [[Has novelty type::Tonic]]


  • Category: in order to use a specific category set query = [[Category:<category name>]].
  • Contained in a container: query = [[-Contains item::<container name>]].
  • Sold by vendor: query = [[-Sells item.Has vendor::<vendor name>]].
  • Note that all items should have the specified type, namely unnamed parameter 1.
  • Sets:
    • Armor sets: set the unnamed parameter 1 to item and use query = [[Has armor set::<armor set>]] or query = [[Category:<armor set>]].
      • Armor class: [[Has armor weight class::<Light/Medium/Heavy>]]
      • Sorting: set sort=Has armor weight class number,Has armor type number to sort by class: light < medium < heavy and then by type: head < shoulder < chest < gloves < leggings < boots.
    • Weapon sets: set the unnamed parameter 1 to item and use query = [[Has weapon set::<weapon set>]] or query = [[Category:<weapon set>]].
      • Sorting: sort=Has weapon type number
    • Skin sets: set the unnamed parameter 1 to skin and use query = [[Has skin set::<skin set>]].
    • In order to exclude subobjects add [[Has subobject::+]] or [[Has skin::+]] to the query where the "+" indicates the search for havint this property set.
  • Collections: query = [[Is part of collection::<collection name>]]



{{Account unlocks table|dyes|query=[[Has dye set::Rare]]|intro=;Rare dyes}}
Rare dyes
Dye Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Conical Rare Dye.png Abyss Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Amber Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Ancient Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Antique Bronze Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Ash Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Autumn Sky Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Black Cherry Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Black Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Blood Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Blue Sky Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Brandywine Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Burgundy Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Celestial Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Ceylon Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Charcoal Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Chocolate Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Cobalt Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Cocoa Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Cotton Candy Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Country Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Creamsicle Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Crisp Mint Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Dapple Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Deep Lilac Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Dusky Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Emerald Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Evening Grass Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Frost Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Green Apple Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Hot Pink Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Icing Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Illumination Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Indigo Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Iris Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Ivory Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Lead Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Lemon Tint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Lemonade Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Lipstick Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Maroon Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Fire Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Gold Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Ice Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Purple Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Red Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Midnight Sky Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Midnight Violet Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Mint Frost Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Mithril Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Night Iris Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Night Shade Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Oil Slick Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Old Jeans Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Oxblood Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Plum Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Primrose Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Pumpkin Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Purple Breeze Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Redemption Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Regal Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Rose Tint Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Royal Blue Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sage Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Sand Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sapphire Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Shy Iris Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Sky Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Spearmint Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Spring Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Spring Grass Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Starry Night Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Tarnished Silver Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Taro Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Turquoise Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Warmth Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png White Dye
Square Rare Dye.png White Gold Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Wine Dye
Square Rare Dye.png Wine Shade Dye
Conical Rare Dye.png Winter Ice Dye



{{Account unlocks table|gliders|columns=3|hide tp=yes}}
Abaddon's Glider.png Abaddon's Glider
Ad Infinitum.png Ad Infinitum
Alchemist Glider.png Alchemist Glider
Arachnid Glider.png Arachnid Glider
Basic Glider.png Basic Glider
Bat Wings Glider.png Bat Wings Glider
Beastslayer Glider.png Beastslayer Glider
Black Feather Wings Backpack.png Black Feather Wings Glider
Bloodstone Glider.png Bloodstone Glider
Branded Relic Glider.png Branded Relic Glider
Branded Wing Backpack.png Branded Wing Glider
Bubble Glider.png Bubble Glider
Celestial Rooster Glider.png Celestial Rooster Glider
Citadel Assault Glider.png Citadel Assault Glider
Classical Glider.png Classical Glider
Cryomancer Glider.png Cryomancer Glider
Crystal Arbiter Glider.png Crystal Arbiter Glider
Crystalline Dragon Wings Glider.png Crystalline Dragon Wings Glider
Cube Matrix Glider.png Cube Matrix Glider
Desert King Glider.png Desert King Glider
Draconic Wings Glider.png Draconic Wings Glider
Dragon Fireworks Package.png Dragon Fireworks Glider
Dreamwalker Wings Glider.png Dreamwalker Wings Glider
Dynamics Glider Module.png Dynamics Glider Module
Electromagnetic-Descender Glider.png Electromagnetic-Descender Glider
Eternal Mandala Glider.png Eternal Mandala Glider
Etherbound Glider.png Etherbound Glider
Exalted Glider.png Exalted Glider
Feathers of the Zephyr.png Feathers of the Zephyr
Floral Glider.png Floral Glider
Flying Boar Glider.png Flying Boar Glider
Forged Glider.png Forged Glider
Frostfire Glider.png Frostfire Glider
Geomancer Glider.png Geomancer Glider
Giant Shuriken Glider.png Giant Shuriken Glider
Glacial Glider.png Glacial Glider
Glide-r-Tron.png Glide-r-Tron
Golden Feather Wings Backpack.png Golden Feather Wings Glider
Grasping Phantom Glider.png Grasping Phantom Glider
Griffon Hatchling Glider.png Griffon Hatchling Glider
Hawk Wings Backpack.png Hawk Wings Glider
Heart of Thorns Glider.png Heart of Thorns Glider
Infinirarium Glider.png Infinirarium Glider
Inquest Overseer Glider.png Inquest Overseer Glider
Ironclad Glider.png Ironclad Glider
Jeweled Scarab Package.png Jeweled Scarab Glider
Largos Fin Backpack.png Largos Fin Glider
Legion Jetpack Glider.png Legion Jetpack Glider
Lightbinder Blades Glider.png Lightbinder Blades Glider
Macaw Wings Glider.png Macaw Wings Glider
Magic Carpet.png Magic Carpet Glider
Mordrem Glider.png Mordrem Glider
Moth Wings Backpack.png Moth Wings Glider
Mursaat Wings Glider.png Mursaat Wings Glider
Necrotic Glider.png Necrotic Glider
Nightspeaker Wings Glider.png Nightspeaker Wings Glider
Phoenix Glider.png Phoenix Glider
Phoenix Kite Glider.png Phoenix Kite Glider
Raven's Spirit Glider.png Raven's Spirit Glider
Riding Broom Glider.png Riding Broom Glider
Roaring Dragon Glider.png Roaring Dragon Glider
Scaled Dragon Wings Glider.png Scaled Dragon Wings Glider
Seraph Wings Glider.png Seraph Wings Glider
Shattered Bloodstone Glider.png Shattered Bloodstone Glider
Shattered Cathedral Glider.png Shattered Cathedral Glider
Sheet Music Glider.png Sheet Music Glider
Shimmering Aurora Glider.png Shimmering Aurora Glider
Shining Blade Backpack.png Shining Blade Glider
Shiverpeaks Hunter Glider.png Shiverpeaks Hunter Glider
Shrine Guardian Glider Skin.png Shrine Guardian Glider Skin
Skeletal Wings Glider.png Skeletal Wings Glider
Skyscale Squadron Glider.png Skyscale Squadron Glider
Snowflake Glider.png Snowflake Glider
Soul River Glider.png Soul River Glider
Spectral Glider.png Spectral Glider
Spellforged Glider.png Spellforged Glider
Spellweaver Glider.png Spellweaver Glider
Stained Glass Wings Glider.png Stained Glass Wings Glider
Starlight Wings Glider.png Starlight Wings Glider
Sunspear Glider.png Sunspear Glider
Super Adventure Glider.png Super Adventure Glider
Super Adventure Holo-Copter.png Super Adventure Holo-Copter
Super Cloud Glider.png Super Cloud Glider
Tanglewood Wings Glider.png Tanglewood Wings Glider
The Ascension.png The Ascension
Timekeeper Glider.png Timekeeper Glider
Ugly Wool Glider.png Ugly Wool Glider
Vermilion Wings Glider.png Vermilion Wings Glider
Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings.png Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider
Volcanic Glider.png Volcanic Glider
Wandering Cloud Glider.png Wandering Cloud Glider
Warbringer (glider).png Warbringer
Watchwork Wings Glider.png Watchwork Wings Glider
Whale Spirit Glider.png Whale Spirit Glider
White Feather Wings Backpack.png White Feather Wings Glider
White Mantle Glider.png White Mantle Glider
Wild Magic Glider.png Wild Magic Glider
Wings of Love Glider.png Wings of Love Glider
Zephyrite Paraglider Glider.png Zephyrite Paraglider Glider


{{Account unlocks table|minis|query=[[Category:Set 1 miniatures]]|columns=4}}
Miniature Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Mini Air Elemental.png Mini Air Elemental
Mini Ascalonian Mage.png Mini Ascalonian Mage
Mini Bandit Bruiser.png Mini Bandit Bruiser
Mini Big Nose Ted.png Mini Big Nose Ted
Mini Brown Bear.png Mini Brown Bear
Mini Chromatic Ooze.png Mini Chromatic Ooze
Mini Colocal.png Mini Colocal
Mini Comrade Molechev.png Mini Comrade Molechev
Mini Devourer.png Mini Devourer
Mini Dredge Excavator.png Mini Dredge Excavator
Mini Dredge Mining Suit.png Mini Dredge Mining Suit
Mini Eir Stegalkin.png Mini Eir Stegalkin
Mini Ettin.png Mini Ettin
Mini Fire Imp.png Mini Fire Imp
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Mini Flame Shaman.png Mini Flame Shaman
Mini Forest Grub.png Mini Forest Grub
Mini Forest Spider.png Mini Forest Spider
Mini Frost Drake.png Mini Frost Drake
Mini Frost Spider.png Mini Frost Spider
Mini Green Moa.png Mini Green Moa
Mini Harpy Warrior.png Mini Harpy Warrior
Mini Hylek Nahualli.png Mini Hylek Nahualli
Mini Icebrood Goliath.png Mini Ice Elemental
Mini Icebrood Quaggan.png Mini Icebrood Quaggan
Mini Jack-a-lop.png Mini Jack-a-lop
Mini Jungle Stalker.png Mini Jungle Stalker
Mini Krait Slaver.png Mini Krait Slaver
Mini Krait Witch.png Mini Krait Witch
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Mini Logan Thackeray.png Mini Logan Thackeray
Mini Mark I Assault Golem.png Mini Mark I Assault Golem
Mini Minotaur.png Mini Minotaur
Mini Modniir Berserker.png Mini Modniir Berserker
Mini Oakheart.png Mini Oakheart
Mini Orrian Wraith.png Mini Orrian Wraith
Mini PK 632Z.png Mini PK 632Z
Mini Pink Moa.png Mini Pink Moa
Mini Polar Bear.png Mini Polar Bear
Mini River Drake Broodmother.png Mini River Drake Broodmother
Mini Seraph Heavy Guard.png Mini Seraph Heavy Guard
Mini Seraph Mage.png Mini Seraph Mage
Mini Shade.png Mini Shade
Mini Skale Blighter.png Mini Skale Blighter
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Mini Skritt Forager.png Mini Skritt Forager
Mini Snow Leopard.png Mini Snow Leopard
Mini Snow Troll.png Mini Snow Troll
Mini Storm Imp.png Mini Storm Imp
Mini Svanir Berserker.png Mini Svanir Berserker
Mini Svanir Icebreaker.png Mini Svanir Icebreaker
Mini Undead Chicken.png Mini Undead Chicken
Mini Vampire Bat.png Mini Vampire Bat
Mini Wasp.png Mini Wasp
Mini White Moa.png Mini White Moa
Mini Wind Rider.png Mini Wind Rider
Mini Yaotl the Fierce.png Mini Yaotl the Fierce



{{Account unlocks table|mounts|query=[[Category:Raptor skins]]|hide tp=y}}
Archaius Sprinter.png Archaius Sprinter
Aurene's Prismatic Raptor.png Aurene's Prismatic Raptor
Auric Salamander.png Auric Salamander
Awakened Raptor Skin.png Awakened Raptor Skin
Bioluminescent Raptor.png Bioluminescent Raptor
Branded Raptor Skin.png Branded Raptor Skin
Canyon Spiketail.png Canyon Spiketail
Coastal Spiketail.png Coastal Spiketail
Cozy Wintersday Raptor.png Cozy Wintersday Raptor
Crested Plainsrunner.png Crested Plainsrunner
Darkmist Prowler.png Darkmist Prowler
Dreadnought Raptor Skin.png Dreadnought Raptor Skin
Dzalana Ice Scale.png Dzalana Ice Scale
Exalted Gate Guardian.png Exalted Gate Guardian
Exo-Suit Raptor Skin.png Exo-Suit Raptor Skin
Flamelander.png Flamelander
Gallant Lightbearer Raptor Skin.png Gallant Lightbearer Raptor Skin
Lahtenda Bog Hunter.png Lahtenda Bog Hunter
Lithosol (raptor skin).png Lithosol
Luminous Prowler.png Luminous Prowler
Mad King Raptor Skin.png Mad King Raptor Skin
Mad Realm Raptor Skin.png Mad Realm Raptor Skin
Marshland Salamander.png Marshland Salamander
Masked Runner.png Masked Runner
Ntouka Snakescale.png Ntouka Snakescale
Primeval (raptor skin).png Primeval
Primordial Raptor.png Primordial Raptor
Raptor (item).png Raptor
Resplendent Avialan Raptor Skin.png Resplendent Avialan Raptor Skin
Roadrunner Raptor Skin.png Roadrunner Raptor Skin
Savannah Monitor.png Savannah Monitor
Shiverpeaks Raptor Skin.png Shiverpeaks Raptor Skin
Spooky Raptor Mount.png Spooky Raptor Mount
Starscale.png Starscale
Storm Ridge.png Storm Ridge
Striped Jarin.png Striped Jarin
Striped Tri-horn.png Striped Tri-horn
Super Outlaw Raptor Skin.png Super Outlaw Raptor Skin
Veiled Chameleon.png Veiled Chameleon
Vital Geode (raptor skin).png Vital Geode
Wild Trihorn Raptor Skin.png Wild Trihorn Raptor Skin


{{Account unlocks table|novelties|query=[[Category:Chairs]]|hide tp=y}}


{{Account unlocks table|recipes|Recipe: Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee; Recipe: Bowl of Refugee's Beet Soup; Recipe: Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup; Recipe: Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup; Recipe: Carrot Soufflé; Recipe: Marjory's Experimental Chili; Recipe: Mushroom Loaf; Recipe: Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken; Recipe: Plate of Frostgorge Clams; Recipe: Potent Superior Sharpening Stones; Recipe: Potent Master Maintenance Oil; Recipe: Potent Master Tuning Crystals; Recipe: Spicy Marinated Mushroom; Recipe: Toxic Maintenance Oil; Recipe: Toxic Focusing Crystal; Recipe: Toxic Sharpening Stone|sep=;|columns=3}}
Recipe Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Bowl of Garlic Kale Sautee
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Bowl of Refugee's Beet Soup
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Bowl of Sweet and Spicy Butternut Squash Soup
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Bowl of Zesty Turnip Soup
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Carrot Soufflé
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Marjory's Experimental Chili
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Mushroom Loaf
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Plate of Spicy Herbed Chicken
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Plate of Frostgorge Clams
Recipe sheet fine consumable 1.png Recipe: Potent Superior Sharpening Stones
Recipe sheet fine consumable 1.png Recipe: Potent Master Maintenance Oil
Recipe sheet fine consumable 1.png Recipe: Potent Master Tuning Crystals
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Recipe sheet fine food.png Recipe: Spicy Marinated Mushroom
Recipe sheet fine consumable 1.png Recipe: Toxic Maintenance Oil
Recipe sheet fine consumable 1.png Recipe: Toxic Focusing Crystal
Recipe sheet fine consumable 1.png Recipe: Toxic Sharpening Stone



{{Account unlocks table|outfits|columns=3|hide tp=yes}}
Abyss Stalker Outfit.png Abyss Stalker Outfit
Ancestral Outfit.png Ancestral Outfit
Arcane Outfit.png Arcane Outfit
Arctic Explorer Outfit.png Arctic Explorer Outfit
Ascended Aurene Clothing Outfit.png Ascended Aurene Clothing Outfit
Astral Scholar Outfit.png Astral Scholar Outfit
Awakened Zealot Outfit.png Awakened Zealot Outfit
Balthazar's Regalia Outfit.png Balthazar's Regalia Outfit
Bandit Sniper's Outfit.png Bandit Sniper's Outfit
Bloody Prince's Outfit.png Bloody Prince's Outfit
Braham's Wolfblood Outfit.png Braham's Wolfblood Outfit
Endless Casual Clothing Tonic.png Casual Clothing Outfit
Endless Casual Hoodie Clothing Tonic.png Casual Hoodie Clothing Outfit
Ceremonial Plated Outfit.png Ceremonial Plated Outfit
Champion of Tyria Outfit.png Champion of Tyria Outfit
Endless Cherry Blossom Clothing Tonic.png Cherry Blossom Clothing Outfit
Shirt.png Common Clothing Outfit
Cook's Outfit.png Cook's Outfit
Endless Country Lace Clothing Tonic.png Country Lace Clothing Outfit
Crystal Arbiter Outfit.png Crystal Arbiter Outfit
Crystal Nomad Outfit.png Crystal Nomad Outfit
Crystal Savant Outfit.png Crystal Savant Outfit
Daydreamer's Finery Outfit.png Daydreamer's Finery Outfit
Defiant Glass Outfit.png Defiant Glass Outfit
Endless Designer Hoodie Clothing Tonic.png Designer Hoodie Clothing Outfit
Dragon Emblem Shirt.png Dragon Emblem Clothing Outfit
Dragon's Watch Regalia.png Dragon's Watch Regalia
Dwayna's Regalia Outfit.png Dwayna's Regalia Outfit
Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit.png Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit
Ebon Vanguard Elite Outfit.png Ebon Vanguard Elite Outfit
Elonian Elementalist Outfit.png Elonian Elementalist Outfit
Eve's Prophecies Outfit.png Eve's Prophecies Outfit
Executioner's Outfit.png Executioner's Outfit
Exemplar Attire Outfit.png Exemplar Attire Outfit
Fallen Balthazar Package.png Fallen Balthazar Outfit
Fancy Winter Outfit.png Fancy Winter Outfit
First Follower Desmina Outfit.png First Follower Desmina Outfit
Forged Outfit.png Forged Outfit
Frostfire Outfit.png Frostfire Outfit
Gem Aura Outfit.png Gem Aura Outfit
Ghostly Outfit.png Ghostly Outfit
Grenth's Regalia Outfit.png Grenth's Regalia Outfit
Gwen's Attire.png Gwen's Attire
Harbinger of Mordremoth Outfit.png Harbinger of Mordremoth Outfit
Haunted Armor Outfit.png Haunted Armor Outfit
Heart of Thorns Emblem Clothing Outfit.png Heart of Thorns Emblem Clothing Outfit
Herald of Aurene Outfit.png Herald of Aurene Outfit
Hexed Outfit.png Hexed Outfit
Ice Encasement Outfit.png Ice Encasement Outfit
Imperial Guard Outfit.png Imperial Guard Outfit
Imperial Outfit.png Imperial Outfit
Infused Samurai Outfit.png Infused Samurai Outfit
Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit.png Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit
Ironclad Outfit.png Ironclad Outfit
Jora's Outfit.png Jora's Outfit
Jungle Explorer Outfit.png Jungle Explorer Outfit
Kasmeer's Regal Outfit.png Kasmeer's Regal Outfit
Endless Khaki Clothing Tonic.png Khaki Clothing Outfit
Endless Layered Vest Clothing Tonic.png Layered Vest Clothing Outfit
Endless Leather Hoodie Clothing Tonic.png Leather Hoodie Clothing Outfit
Logan's Pact Marshal Outfit.png Logan's Pact Marshal Outfit
Lunatic Guard Outfit.png Lunatic Guard Outfit
Lyssa's Regalia.png Lyssa's Regalia
Mad King's Outfit.png Mad King's Outfit
Mad Scientist Outfit.png Mad Scientist Outfit
Mage Knight Outfit.png Mage Knight Outfit
Marjory's Shrouded Outfit.png Marjory's Shrouded Outfit
Mist Stranger Outfit.png Mist Stranger Outfit
Monk's Outfit.png Monk's Outfit
Mursaat Robes.png Mursaat Robes
Nature's Oath Outfit.png Nature's Oath Outfit
Nightspeaker Outfit.png Nightspeaker Outfit
Noble Count Outfit.png Noble Count Outfit
Noble Courtier Outfit.png Noble Courtier Outfit
Endless Ornate Clothing Tonic.png Ornate Clothing Outfit
Outlaw Outfit.png Outlaw Outfit
Pirate Captain's Outfit.png Pirate Captain's Outfit
Primal Warden Outfit.png Primal Warden Outfit
Primeval Dervish Outfit.png Primeval Dervish Outfit
Queensdale Academy Outfit.png Queensdale Academy Outfit
Raiment of the Lich.png Raiment of the Lich
Riding Pants.png Riding Clothes Outfit
Ritualist Outfit.png Ritualist Outfit
Rox's Pathfinder Outfit.png Rox's Pathfinder Outfit
Royal Guard Outfit.png Royal Guard Outfit
Seize the Awkward Clothing Outfit.png Seize the Awkward Clothing Outfit
Sentinel Outfit.png Sentinel Outfit
Shadow Assassin Outfit.png Shadow Assassin Outfit
Shrine Guardian Outfit.png Shrine Guardian Outfit
Endless Silk Brocade Clothing Tonic.png Silk Brocade Outfit
Slayer's Outfit.png Slayer's Outfit
Spellforged Outfit.png Spellforged Outfit
Spring Promenade Outfit.png Spring Promenade Outfit
Starborn Outfit.png Starborn Outfit
Endless Striped Silk Clothing Tonic.png Striped Silk Clothing Outfit
Sunspear Outfit.png Sunspear Outfit
Taimi's Outfit.png Taimi's Outfit
Timekeeper Outfit.png Timekeeper Outfit
True Assassin's Guise Outfit.png True Assassin's Guise Outfit
Verdant Executor Outfit.png Verdant Executor Outfit
Wedding Attire Outfit.png Wedding Attire Outfit
White Mantle Outfit.png White Mantle Outfit
Winter Monarch Outfit.png Winter Monarch Outfit
Winter Solstice Outfit.png Winter Solstice Outfit
Witch's Outfit.png Witch's Outfit
Zafirah's Tactical Outfit.png Zafirah's Tactical Outfit


{{Account unlocks table|skins|query=[[Has skin set::Krytan weapons]]|intro=* Automated Krytan weapon skins table|title=Krytan weapon skins |hide tp=y}}
{{Account unlocks table|skins|Seraph Axe (skin),Seraph Sword (skin),Seraph Staff (skin)|intro=* Manual Searph weapon skins table|title=Krytan weapon skins| hide tp=y}}

  • Manual Searph weapon skins table
Krytan weapon skins
Seraph Axe.png Seraph Axe
Seraph Sword.png Seraph Sword
Seraph Staff.png Seraph Staff


{{Account unlocks table|items|query=[[Category:Awakened weapons]]}}
Item Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Awakened Axe.png Awakened Axe
Awakened Dagger.png Awakened Dagger
Awakened Focus.png Awakened Focus
Awakened Greatsword.png Awakened Greatsword
Awakened Hammer.png Awakened Hammer
Awakened Longbow.png Awakened Longbow
Awakened Mace.png Awakened Mace
Awakened Pistol.png Awakened Pistol
Awakened Rifle.png Awakened Rifle
Awakened Scepter.png Awakened Scepter
Awakened Shield.png Awakened Shield
Awakened Short Bow.png Awakened Short Bow
Awakened Staff.png Awakened Staff
Awakened Sword.png Awakened Sword
Awakened Torch.png Awakened Torch
Awakened Warhorn.png Awakened Warhorn