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Steelstar's Inscription

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Steelstar's Inscription.png

Steelstar's Inscription

Item type
Crafting material
Material type
Disciplines used by
Artificer tango icon 20px.png 500
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png 500
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png 500
Req. level
Account Bound
30 Copper coin
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Used in the crafting of weapons with +Power, +Concentration, +Precision, and +Ferocity.

— In-game description


Steelstar's Inscription
Recipe sheet ascended inscription.pngRecipe: Steelstar's Inscription
Output qty.
Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer
Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png Weaponsmith
Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman
Req. rating
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Used in[edit]

Artificer tango icon 20px.png Artificer

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Heroic Dragonsblood Focus.png Heroic Dragonsblood Focus Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Scepter.png Heroic Dragonsblood Scepter Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Staff.png Heroic Dragonsblood Staff Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Artifact.png Steelstar's Artifact
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Artifact)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Spire.png Steelstar's Spire
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Spire)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Trident.png Steelstar's Trident
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Trident)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Wand.png Steelstar's Wand
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Wand)
Ascended 500

Huntsman tango icon 20px.png Huntsman

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Heroic Dragonsblood Longbow.png Heroic Dragonsblood Longbow Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Pistol.png Heroic Dragonsblood Pistol Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Rifle.png Heroic Dragonsblood Rifle Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Short Bow.png Heroic Dragonsblood Short Bow Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Torch.png Heroic Dragonsblood Torch Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Warhorn.png Heroic Dragonsblood Warhorn Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Brazier.png Steelstar's Brazier
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Brazier)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Greatbow.png Steelstar's Greatbow
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Greatbow)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Harpoon Gun.png Steelstar's Harpoon Gun
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Harpoon Gun)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Herald.png Steelstar's Herald
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Herald)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Musket.png Steelstar's Musket
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Musket)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Revolver.png Steelstar's Revolver
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Revolver)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Short Bow.png Steelstar's Short Bow
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Short Bow)
Ascended 500

Weaponsmith tango icon 20px.png Weaponsmith

Item Rarity Rating Ingredients
Heroic Dragonsblood Axe.png Heroic Dragonsblood Axe Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Dagger.png Heroic Dragonsblood Dagger Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Greatsword.png Heroic Dragonsblood Greatsword Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Hammer.png Heroic Dragonsblood Hammer Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Mace.png Heroic Dragonsblood Mace Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Shield.png Heroic Dragonsblood Shield Ascended 500
Heroic Dragonsblood Sword.png Heroic Dragonsblood Sword Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Bastion.png Steelstar's Bastion
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Bastion)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Blade.png Steelstar's Blade
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Blade)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Claymore.png Steelstar's Claymore
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Claymore)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Flanged Mace.png Steelstar's Flanged Mace
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Flanged Mace)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Impaler.png Steelstar's Impaler
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Impaler)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Razor.png Steelstar's Razor
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Razor)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Reaver.png Steelstar's Reaver
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Reaver)
Ascended 500
Crimson Antique Warhammer.png Steelstar's Warhammer
(Learned from: Recipe: Steelstar's Warhammer)
Ascended 500