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Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg

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Warmed Mountain Griffon Egg.png

Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg

Item type
Crystal Desert Rare Collections.png Open Skies: Crystal Oasis
Account Bound
Game link
Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg map.jpg

Location of the Abandoned Griffon Egg.

Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg Alcove.jpg

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Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Collect this and return it to the Sanctuary.

Collecting this will also provide bonus desert Mastery experience.

Hint: Collect this egg from a cliffside nest below the griffon roost in Crystal Oasis.

— In-game description


  • Found south of the Griffon Roost, West of the Village of Kweli. There are three ways to reach it:
  1. Start south of the Griffon Roost, and use a Griffon to glide down.
  2. Use the Springer from the road beneath the rocky overhang, and jump up into the crevices until you see the egg.
  3. From Priest Hehmnut's Bones up on a cliff and further out on edge where one can glide down to an alcove. To get to these bones, you will need Springer's high-jump. The easiest route is up the cliffs just to the west of the waypoint. In case you fall, you can use a Sand Portal on the same side where hte bones are, quickly bringing you back to the Temple of Kormir. Once at the Priest's bones, move north to the cliff edge in the direction of Jalaal watching Griffons and their nests. The alcove is not completely visible from this point, so move to the other parallel ledge where one can directly see Griffon nest with egg and glide down to it.


On interaction
At least the egg is still safe.
Talk more option tango.png Gingerly take the griffon egg. (Spawns Griffon mount)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • Provides 7,620 Experience.png when collected.