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Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg

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Mottled Canyon Griffon Egg.png

Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg

Item type
Crystal Desert Rare Collections.png Open Skies: Crystal Oasis
Account Bound
Game link
Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg map.jpg

Location of the Abandoned Griffon Egg.

Takes effect immediately upon receipt.
Collect this and return it to the Sanctuary.

Collecting this will also provide bonus desert Mastery experience.

Hint: Collect this egg from atop a pillar around the Sanctum of Nabkha in Crystal Oasis.

— In-game description


Borrow the griffon mount from Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg and fly south, then land on the larger platform of Sanctum of Nabkha where the pillars and djinn are, which is below the smaller floating, circular structure. You may also reach this platform after completing the mini-dungeon by going through the sand portal at the end. If you do not have access to the Jackal, you can climb with a Springer to the tall tree on the East side of the map and use a Skimmer to glide to the platform. The Springer and the Skimmer will need to be upgraded.

Hostile djinn may need to be cleared before attempting to reach for the egg with a Springer, which is at top of the indicated pillar.


On interaction
At least the egg is still safe.
Talk more option tango.png Gingerly take the griffon egg. (Spawns Griffon mount)
Talk end option tango.png Leave.


  • Provides 7,620 Experience.png when collected.