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This text property defines the location(s) that a subject can be found in including all parent locations, up to the continent. Values are separated by semi-colons but are stored as a single value, not a multi-value.

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"A Dragon Primer" by Ogden Stonehealer +Tyria;Shiverpeak Mountains;Lornar's Pass;Durmand Priory (location); Durmand Priory (instance)  +
"Assassin" +Various  +
"Aviator" +Various  +
"Black Powder and Its Uses" (book) +Tyria;Shiverpeak Mountains;Lornar's Pass;Durmand Priory (location); Durmand Priory (instance)  +
"Cannibal" +Various  +
"Charr Delegation Soldier" +Tyria;Ascalon;Fields of Ruin;Warrior's Crown  +
"Cryptonym" Strongbox +Tyria;Heart of Maguuma;Tangled Depths; Undergrowth Connector  +
"Deputy" Brooke +Tyria;Shiverpeak Mountains;Snowden Drifts  +
"Devil" +Tyria;Kryta;Lion's Arch  +
"Digger" Dirtclaw +Tyria;Ascalon;Iron Marches;Bloodfin Lake  +
"Dinner" +Tyria;Ascalon;Diessa Plateau;Town of Nageling  +
"Dragonrender" Strongbox +Tyria;Heart of Maguuma;Dragon's Stand; Rooted Copse  +
"Ebon Vanguard Soldier" +Tyria;Ascalon;Fields of Ruin;Stronghold of Ebonhawke  +
"Endurance" Strongbox +Tyria;Heart of Maguuma;Auric Basin; Griffonfall (Auric Basin)  +
"Erosion and Waypoint Stability" by Technician Penn +Tyria;Shiverpeak Mountains;Lornar's Pass;Durmand Priory (location); Durmand Priory (instance)  +
"Evon" Gnashblade +Tyria;Kryta;Lion's Arch;Inner Harbor  +
"Eyes" Duskstalker +Tyria;Ascalon;Blazeridge Steppes;Tawny Ridge  +
"Faren's Flyer" Strongbox +Tyria;Heart of Maguuma;Verdant Brink; Canopy over Ordnance Corps  +
"Garbage Legion" Soldier +Tyria;Ascalon;Iron Marches;Bloodfin Lake  +
"Ghost" +Various  +
"Glory of Tyria" Strongbox +Tyria;Heart of Maguuma;Verdant Brink; Noble Ledges  +
"Gravedigger" Fim +Elona;Crystal Desert;Jahai Bluffs;Pact Vanguard  +
"Gwen" +Tyria;Kryta;Divinity's Reach;Eastern Commons  +
"Jester" +Various  +
"Jora" +Tyria;Kryta;Divinity's Reach;Eastern Commons  +