Nyle the Compassionate

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Nyle the Compassionate is a powerful White Mantle ghost encountered in the Haunted Canyons.


Heart of Maguuma

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the angry spirit of Nyle the Compassionate (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Summons Magic Swords

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Embroidered Coin Purse.png Embroidered Coin Purse Container Exotic 1
Unbound Magic.png Unbound Magic 1-5
Pile of Incandescent Dust.png Pile of Incandescent Dust Crafting material Fine 1
Glob of Globby Gloop.png Glob of Globby Gloop Trophy Junk 1

Related achievements[edit]

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