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Missive for Ebele

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Missive for Ebele

Item type
Elon Riverlands.png Skimmer Search
Account Bound
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Double-click to consume.
A missive from Skimmer Trainer Ardra containing information on troop movements. Intended for delivery to Healer Ebele north of Arid Gladefields. Can be consumed for Mastery experience and karma.

Hint: Given by Skimmer Trainer Ardra after completing the renown region and purchasing a skimmer saddle.

— In-game description



Skimmer Trainer Ardra

Note Delivery

Hi there... again! Look at me, writing another letter. First off, thanks again for helping out at my camp. I'm glad you're such a helpful person, because I need your help again now that you've got a skimmer to help you get around.

I've attached a note to this letter. Take it to Ebele, please. It contains information on Forged and Awakened troop movements. We've used it to keep our food shipments safe. Hopefully, Ebele can use it for her exiles.

We all need to survive out here, and we have common enemies. The more we can do to help each other, the stronger we'll all be.


Guide to Waterproofing.png Missive for Ebele


  • Provides 5,080 Experience.png and 1,000 Karma.png when consumed.
  • Can be given to Ebele for Instructions for Defectors. The Missive will not be consumed when given to her.
  • If Missive for Ebele was already consumed before talking to Ebele, simply talk to her without with the item to complete the achievement.