Kill Gargantula, the spider broodmother

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Kill Gargantula, the spider broodmother

Interactive map

Interactive map

Kill Gargantula, the spider broodmother is a level 37 event that takes place in Wynchona Woods. Each time Gargantula loses a quarter of her health she'll summon hatchlings to defend herself, become invulnerable, and restore her health to full.


  • Gargantula
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Gargantula feeds in: x:xx


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 1,948 Experience.png 185 Karma.png 43 Copper coin
Silver 1,656 Experience.png 157 Karma.png 36 Copper coin
Bronze 1,461 Experience.png 139 Karma.png 32 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 37 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.




Strategy & Tactics[edit]

Gargantula is a timed boss fight with approximately 12 minutes to be defeated before she feeds, at which point the event fails and she disappears.

Essentially, you have to kill Gargantula 4 times; each time you take her health down to a certain percentage (1st time 75%: 2nd time 50%: 3rd time 25%) she will regain all of her health, summon many spiderlings and become invulnerable to damage as long as any spiderlings are alive. Once all of the spiderlings are defeated, Gargantula becomes vulnerable to damage again, and with seemingly less armor each time. The third time you will actually be able to defeat her and gain the rewards.

  • While she doesn't hit very hard, it is easy to kite Gargantula by strafing in circles around her (even in melee).
  • Make sure to bring poison/condition management skills, as Gargantula and the normal Cave Spiders that spawn in the area poison often.
  • Spiderlings will attempt to run to Gargantula's position when summoned, so melee fighters should be especially careful to avoid a damage spike.
  • AoE skills are very useful during this fight, both to deal with the spiderlings quickly and to catch stray regular spiders that spawn occasionally.
  • Veteran Cave Spiders normally inhabit the cave where Gargantula is located. Be prepared to deal with them after the event is over.



While Gargantula is alive
Injured Scout Sandra: Captain Marshall is trapped in the cave! Someone help!
When the hatchlings appear
Captain Marshall: Squish the babies! They're shielding her from your attacks!
Upon exiting the cave with Captain Marshall
Injured Scout Sandra: Captain! You're safe!
Captain Marshall: Thanks to you and your new friends. Come on, let's get back to camp and clear off these cobwebs.
Captain Marshall: And Sandra, you're still off your feet until you're fully healed.
Injured Scout Sandra: Yes, sir.
When arriving back at camp
Worried Seraph Soldier Jim: Captain! I thought we'd lost you for good!
Captain Marshall: Next time, those spiders won't know what hit them.
Upon failure
Injured Scout Sandra: Nooo! My poor captain! The unit will have to make do until his brother arrives to take over.