Invigorator Rifle Prototype

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Invigorator Rifle Prototype

The Invigorator Rifle Prototype is an asura engineering-themed bundle obtained from the ground near deceased Inquest members at the start of the Swampland Fractal. The rifles contain useful skills to support wisp carriers in getting to the wisp clefts.


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Slick Shoes.png Invigorate 20.25¼ Fire a jet of elixir that grants swiftness and vigor to you and your allies.
2 Glue Shot.png Inundate 20.25¼ Fire a jet of goo that cripples enemies.
3 Gambit Exhausted.png Panic Button 10 Grant stability, and break yourself and your allies out of stun and cripple.


  • As they have no recharge delay, players can cycle rapidly through the first two skills as needed.
  • Panic Button will put all three skills on cooldown when used.
  • The rifles share its skin with the Scientific Rifle.