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Intelligence Report: Palawa Joko I Page 05

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Intelligence Report: Palawa Joko I Page 05

Item type
Domain of Vabbi.png Lost Lore of the Domain of Vabbi
Account Bound
Game link
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A book fragment worn away by the desert sands. It will need to be completed before reading. Can be consumed for Mastery experience and karma.

Hint: Climb the tallest point of the Necropolis to find this page.

— In-game description


  • Located directly on top of the Court of the Dead building, southwest of Waypoint (map icon).png Necropolis Waypoint. This may be reached by climbing up to the top of the purple-domed building south south-east past the Hero Point, climbing to the top of the decorative pillar on top of the dome, using a Griffon or a Springer with High Vault and Bond of Faith and gliding carefully towards the red building roof. You should be able to just catch the non-red top of the building and will see the Intelligence Report page at the very center top of the dome.


  • Provides 5,080 Experience.png and 1,000 Karma when consumed.