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Hylek Potions are consumables sold by hylek merchants across Sparkfly Fen. They will change the color of your entire character to a particular hue for five minutes. There is, however, no effect icon that indicates the time remaining. You will still be able to use skills and no skill will be replaced by a different skill to leave the form.

Tonic Merchant Cost
Tonic.png Hylek Blue Hue Potion Potatlan 91 Karma.png
Sample of Hylek Poison.png Hylek Green Hue Potion Costi Atl 84 Karma.png
Minor Potion of Grawl Slaying.png Hylek Orange Hue Potion Qoetl 91 Karma.png
Minor Potion of Grawl Slaying.png Hylek Red Hue Potion Occuintl Hylek Warrior Silver coin 4 Copper coin
Minor Potion of Dredge Slaying.png Hylek Yellow Hue Potion Ayomichi 91 Karma.png


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