Gyda Oddsdottir

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Gyda Oddsdottir, cousin to Gullik Oddsson, was a female hammer-wielding norn with a warrior-braid. She was hired by an asura named Clagg to help him find the Golem's Eye in the crypts below Divinity's Reach. Gyda is described by Dougal Keane as a bully. The Snow Leopard is her totem animal.

Within Blimm's tomb, she is killed by the crypt guardian that is created by the Golem's Eye. Because Dougal and Killeen did not tell her fate, Gullik hunts them down with the intent to kill Dougal.


  • There is a cairn in Shelter Rock's graveyard commemorating Gyda with the inscription "For Gyda Oddsdottir. Your body was lost in the crypts below Divinity's Reach, but your spirit fights on in the Mists."