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Strange Console

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Strange Console

Strange Console.jpg

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Strange Console (charged).jpg

The Strange Console after it has been charged by completing the puzzle.

Interactive map

A Strange Console can be found in Arborstone on the balcony near Varra. Interacting with it starts a marble bouncing puzzle similar to the one in the Mistlock Sanctuary. After the puzzle is successfully completed, the marble will remain on top of the console, granting the Solar Flare.png You are a being of pure light and energy. effect when interacted with. Besides the ability to fly around Arborstone there are no further uses to it.




Before completing the marble puzzle
This strange console hums gently. There is a big button on the top that seems to beg to be pressed.
Talk ready option.png Press it.
Talk end option tango.png Leave it alone.
After completing the marble puzzle, when the console is charged
The orb radiates with intense energy. As you reach out to touch it, a feeling of weightlessness saturates your body.
Talk more option tango.png Touch the orb.
Talk end option tango.png This is too intense for me.


The marble puzzle requires bouncing the marble along a long path, keeping it in the air by having at least one player in the largest white AoE each time the marble hits the ground. If any bounces are missed, the puzzle fails and must be started again from the beginning.

The path it follows travels southwest and then west along the balcony from the console. From the end of the balcony ledge, it spirals downwards to the north, down a series of mossy ledges. Once at ground level it passes around the waters of Danika's Respite, before heading southeast through the main entrance into Arborstone. It turns northeast then northwest, zigzagging back up the stairs to reach Varra. It passes through the Hall of Remembrance, and concludes with a final bounce on the balcony in front of Varra, at which point the console will become charged if the puzzle was completed successfully.

Interactive map[edit]

An approximate map of the path the marble travels along. Legend:

  • Red: High sections, at the start and end of the puzzle.
  • Yellow: Sections changing between height levels.
    • At the start of the puzzle, this is dropping down the ledges to the ground.
    • At the end of the puzzle, this is climbing up the stairs inside Arborstone to the top.
  • Green: Ground level.


  • The puzzle can be completed solo, but some sections may be harder, where long drops or greater distances are involved.
  • When the marble is dropping down a ledge, it is best to fall without gliding, even if that risks taking fall damage. Otherwise, the marble is likely to fall faster than you, causing you to miss the next bounce.
  • When the marble first enters the water by Danika's Respite, look out for a root blocking your path. Jump over it or run around it, or else you're likely to miss that bounce.
  • When climbing the stairs back up to Varra, take extra care to stand in the center of the bounce AoE.
    • The markers become distorted on the stairs, and what appears to be within the edge of the marker may not really count, causing you to fail the puzzle if you're too far off-center.