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Disambig icon.png This article is about species. For NPC, see Gargoyle (NPC).
Concept art by Hyojin Ahn.

Gargoyles were a race of horned humanoids associated with Ascalon, although some (called "mergoyles") could be found on the beaches of Kryta as well. Little was known about them even back then, other than that they preferred high-up places, they usually possessed mesmeric abilities, and that their skulls were popular collector's items among human Ascalonian necromancers.

Gargoyles came to the surface in around 1070 AE—before the Searing, they could only be found in the Ascalonian Catacombs. After that, they could be seen across Ascalon. They all suddenly and mysteriously disappeared around 140 years ago, according to Shred Gnarltail, and are now presumed to be extinct. Now all that remains of them is the occasional fossil or bone fragment.

The Durmand Priory, an institution with an understandable interest in the sudden, large-scale disappearance of entire species, is discreetly looking into the matter of the disappeared gargoyles.



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