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July 11, 2018

Update - July 11, 2018[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Fixed an issue in the Xera encounter that could result in the wrong players being teleported to the islands.
  • Fixed a bug in which shadowstep pathfinding could sometimes incorrectly fail.
  • Guardian:
    • Ray of Judgment.png Ray of Judgment: Fixed a bug that could cancel this skill when other skills were queued up while the players were under the effect of quickness.
  • Necromancer:
    • Flesh Golem: Fixed a bug that prevented this minion from being resummoned when players dismounted into water.
    • Minions: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented minions from being resummoned.
    • Dhuumfire.png Dhuumfire: The scourge's internal cooldown for this skill has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second in PvE only.
  • Ranger:
    • Flame Trap.png Flame Trap: Fixed a bug that could cause this trap to hit more times than intended.
  • Thief:
  • Warrior:
    • Flurry.png Flurry: Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from receiving the correct bleeding duration adjustment from 2 seconds to 4 seconds. Fixed a bug that prevented the adrenaline level 2, adrenaline level 3, and spellbreaker's versions of this skill from having the appropriate damage increase listed in a previous update.
    • Final Thrust.png Final Thrust: Fixed a bug that prevented this skill from receiving the duration increase when traited with Blademaster.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

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