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Fury of the Brand

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Fury of the Brand

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Within the Brandstorm, you will attract repeated lightning strikes while grounded if not under cover.

— In-game description

Fury of the Brand is an effect applied to you when entering branded areas in eastern Domain of Vabbi, Jahai Bluffs, Thunderhead Peaks, and Dragonfall. This effect makes you attract repeated lightning strikes that damage you or your mount while grounded in the area. To avoid this, be under cover or use the skimmer, griffon, skyscale, or glider to remain airborne.


  • The lightning strikes will apply Burning.png Burning if you are struck while mounted. You cannot be struck while on a skimmer
  • The lightning strikes are timed such that you will often leave combat just long enough to mount up before being struck again.
  • Characters under this effect will be surrounded by a pink and purple aura, even when the effect does no damage due to being under cover or not grounded. An affected character's screen will also have a purple crystalline border.
  • See Brandstorm for a list of locations where this effect is present.


  • Though the Brandstorm rages throughout the Dragonbrand, this effect will only be applied within Vabbi, Jahai, Thunderhead and Dragonfall.
  • Unlike other zones, the brandstorms in Dragonfall can be cleared by completing certain events. They also do not apply burning even while mounted.