Farthest Shore

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Farthest Shore is a Kodan, found west of Tala Point in the Song of Final Exile area. When he was a cub, he lived in a Sanctuary very far in the north but it was destroyed by Jormag and his icebrood. After long years of wandering aimlessly, his path ended up at the Song of Final Exile where he can finally call a place his home.



As a cub, I looked at the horizon and dreamt of what lay beyond. In my years, I've traveled greater distances than I could have imagined. Perhaps even more than I would have wished.
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What was your first home like?
I grew up in a sanctuary, a great ship built on an iceberg. We lived in harmony with nature—that is, until Jormag disrupted the balance. The Voice of Koda bid us go south, and so, here we are.
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There's adventure wherever you look.
A wise reminder. There's more to this horizon than the reminder of a lost home. Owls fly to nest, water rises and falls, fish eat and are eaten. This is a place where we can live in balance again.
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I hope you find what you seek. Good-bye.
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Have you seen that quaggans swimming around here?
You mean the quaggans of Urgulp. Jormag's corruption uprooted them from their homeland, and yet, they live in peace and unity. Speaking to them never fails to bring me joy.
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I'll have to pay them a visit.
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That's nice. See you later.