Escort the carnival caravan to Beetletun

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Escort the carnival caravan to Beetletun

Krytan Freeholds
Beetletun Farms
Event type
Event shield (tango icon).png
Dynamic event
Given by
Interactive map

Interactive map

Escort the carnival caravan to Beetletun is a level 10 dynamic event that starts in Krytan Freeholds and progresses to Beetletun Farms.


  • Charice
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event shield (tango icon).png
  • Shau
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    Event shield (tango icon).png


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 472
63 Karma.png 14 Copper coin
Silver 402
54 Karma.png 12 Copper coin
Bronze 354
48 Karma.png 11 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 10 player. Higher level players receive dynamically adjusted rewards.





Before the event, in the Eldvin Monastery
Charice: Time to get going.
Seraph Guard: You lead, I follow.
Before event
Charice: I threw the bones this morning. According to Grenth, we're in for a safe journey.
Interacting with Charice
Hi, I'm Charice. I'm taking this caravan to Beetletun. This is our pack ox, Shau. Be warned. He can be a bit loquacious.
Talk more option tango.png
Do you need help getting to Beetletun?
Centaurs are always causing trouble for our caravans. I sought the protection of the gods this morning. Now I'm just waiting for a sign that it's safe to begin our journey.
Talk ready option.png
Hey, lady. Here's your sign.
Talk end option tango.png
You might be waiting a while.
Talk more option tango.png
Why are you going to Beetletun?
Our troupe performs for the good citizens of Beetletun. However without regular shipments of food and prizes, we wouldn't be able to keep operating.
Talk back option tango.png
I'd like to ask you something else.
Talk end option tango.png
That's interesting. Good-bye.
Event start
Charice: Oh look. It's a sign from Melandru! We need to leave right this minute.
First wave of centaurs
Seraph Guard: Hey, what's that?
Seraph Guard: Holy skritt. I don't know about divine tests, but I'd say your scrying failed.
Next waves
Seraph Guard: Here come more of those monsters.
Seraph Guard: To arms, centaurs approach!
Seraph Guard: Enemy spotted!
Last wave
Charice: Praise the Six! They're testing our fortitude.
Event success
Seraph Guard: Lady, your ability to read the future may be terrible, but at least we made it.
After the event, in Beetletun
Joel: Charice, you made it! And supplies intact, too.
Charice: We're unstoppable!
Seraph Guard: If you don't count the fortune telling problems.
Joel: Thank you for escorting all our materials here.
Seraph Guard: Just doing my job, sir.
Charice: You were such a help. Thanks.
Seraph Guard: Yeah.


  • This event fails if Shau is killed.
  • Although the event ends near Beetletun Waterworks the caravan will continue walking for about a minute before stopping in the festival area in Beetletun where Charice turns into a merchant.